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The Paradox of the Political Sounds of Freedom in Zimbabwe - Choosing between the Fist and the Open hand (Part 2)

15 Dec 2020 at 17:34hrs | Views
I promised to expand my discussion on the polarised political landscape and the authenticity of political persuasions across the ideological divide. At the core of this discussion are the claims and counterclaims from those who raise the fist against those who raise the open arm and the subsequent actions. Political opinion in that regard is as polarized as the symbolism of the open and closed hand. As a quick reminder I bring back the questions I used to conclude part 1 of this discussion:

Maybe it is time to pause and ask the question, Do we need a political referee who can decide on penalties for political processes in another country? Well some countries which include Zimbabwe are on MDC- USA sanctions, is that justified? What standard was used to punish Zimbabwe? Who benefits from Zimbabwe's economic stagnation?

The crux of the discussion underscored the calamity Zimbabwe is grappling by arguing that, "Of late Zimbabwe has been infested by a dangerous political disease, probably more devastating than the Covid 19 pandemic. One cannot imagine a worse calamity than a combination of a marauding virus, a spate of demolitions by city fathers, a downpour of rain in an economy stagnated by sanctions sponsored by one of the political parties." But having said so it is paramount to highlight the cost of each of these pitfalls. What every citizen in any country including Zimbabwe needs are the basic rights of humanity to be upheld. However, what seems to dominate our daily exchanges in the political domain are the opposed ideological views and actions at the expense of progress. The bickering in most political corridors sound like an empty gong in the stink of a garbage yard. The misdirected zeal of some politicians, the abuse of the social media and the generosity of the west to the voices of division keep piling insurgence and chaos in most genuine aspirations of freedom from the neo-colonial powers. The west cannot stand the idea of weaned sovereign states. When the western powers preach democracy, they seem to be the perfect democracies forgetting that all that looks good in the west drips with blood. Lest you forget the charge sheet against the west, for the many who perished in slave trade, the slavery in colonies, post-independence insurgence, etc.

As we face up to the challenges it is important to boldly state that no single country under the sun is more concerned about another country than itself. Every country is busy pursuing and protecting its best interests. Now as we reflect on Zimbabwe, it is without question Covid 19 has had its toll on lives. But as if that is not enough we are now caught up in a chaotic spate of demolitions in cities and towns where MDC(s) control which have left people homeless. Now with rains pouring that has meant people's lives are soaked in a mess. Remember, Zimbabwe has been under sanctions sponsored by the MDC(s) which have stagnated the economy and devastated many aspects of life. The situation is unpalatable and certainly a big dent to any aspirations for national advancement. So, with all the mess, "Where do the two political protagonists in Zimbabwe stand?"

The Revolutionary Zanu PF
Zanu PF might not be everyone's cup of tea, but noone can take away the party's revolutionary credentials symbolised by the clenched fist. Fighting for freedom is the hallmark of Zanu PF's heritage. Zimbabwe's independence remains a success of the Patriotic Front (today's United Zanu PF). Much of the good and great stories coming out of Zimbabwe can be openly credited to Zanu PF. Under Zanu PF Zimbabwe made strides in education where the level of literacy and standards have been outstanding over the years. The land reform has clearly shown that it is possible to restore land to the rightful owners from the forced surrender of colonial terrorist land grabs. The reversal was very symbolic for the world to know that the colonial land seizures can be reversed. Empowerment of the indigenous has been at the core of Zanu PF governments over the years. While Zanu PF has its own shortcomings it is important to point out they are an enemy of the west because of their revolutionary credentials. Corruption has been a big concern in government and now the economy is stagnated due to sanctions. In all this Zanu PF has not surrendered to the whims of the western powers. So if one was to charge Zanu PF, we  can argue about failure to be transparent in pursuing their declared goals. Having delivered independence Zanu PF has shown their true commitment to give power to the sons of the soil. They are not perfect and they accept that, as they stand with the people.

The Open Hand of the MDC
The MDC, or more succinctly MDCs because you can never be sure unless there is an extension, be it N, T, 99 or Alliance and anything else. Founded in 1999 in the mould of its late iconic figure, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai MDC posed as the bridge to a new order in the millennium. As a labour movement the MDC managed to shake the political establishment at the turn of the century and remained a dominant force in the first decade of the 21st century. The open arm became the political expression of choice. Song, music, and dance in the sea of red became fashionable across towns and cities. What MDC found appealing was to present Zimbabwe as a pariah state under Zanu PF for having forcedly removed whites from farms and vanquished their economic back born. With that loss of control by whites that gave way to an experiment that did not initially work well as expected and MDC successful pounced. They promised restoration, a veiled suggestion that neo-colonialism would be welcome. They promised openness in governance. In their intoxication with power they made one cardinal mistake of calling for sanctions unless they were not in power. The west imposed sanctions and for nearly two decades Zimbabwe is excluded from accessing international financial packages to boost economic activities and infrastructure. At times have gone by the MDC started tearing itself apart in the named of power and greed. Today, "the party of democracy" is a rainbow of clones of the same party where every senior leader either is already called President or is mobilising to be called one. The party has opted to use violence as a vehicle to dethrone the government as sanctions seem too slow to hand over the reigns of power to them. The colour and appeal of the cities of Zimbabwe have been reversed and cities now epitomise a vendor camp with all types of wares in filthy environments. Now the movement became so corrupt that they would even use their own leaders to defend the corrupt in Zanu PF in court as their legal counsel. Noone could understand why then, but now we know. The movement allowed the corrupt to run city councils and apportion stands in chaotic city planning only bettered by a party of imbeciles. To this day the MDC's wins in cities is an eyesore to the very electorate who got used to singing praises as they worshipped the red movement. So, in all this what does the MDC represent and sponsor, "Chaos, greed and suffering of masses." If you doubt then wait for the next discussion.

[Part 3 is coming: Check the next article on this topic which charges the culprits for the house demolitions that are wrecking lives in Zimbabwe]

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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