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Trump called Chamisa for advice

09 Nov 2020 at 22:47hrs | Views
The American elections have shown us a number of interesting things and indeed it has given us shocking similarities between Trump and Nelson Chamisa. There is a striking similar behaviour between the two which shows us that Chamisa and the opposition got their lessons from the United States. Chamisa says, if we don't win no peace so says Trump.  Trump actually threatened a militia style rejection of the elections.
Trump has taken the electoral system to court challenging the elections.  In 2018 Chamisa took the ZEC to court. The trend for violence was evident in Chamisa's behaviour after elections.

Both Chamisa and Trump made announcements rejecting the results of the elections before the elections were even held. They both started crying foul before the counting and they both pledged never to respect the results of the elections.   This shows that anarchy is manufactured in the USA in  Trump's backyard. The Zimbabwean opposition is simply a copy cat of the Trump's mind.

Chamisa says fraud, so says Trump these two are twins. Chamisa says only win is mine, so says Trump
So why? Both are immature and think governing is a comedy show.

Apparently both have been successful in destroying the fabric of their parties.

With these similarities the aim of the opposition has been laid bare.

In a professional way which characterises ZANU PF the National Political Commissair cde  Victor Matemadanda said
"We thank our President for congratulating the American President elect Joseph Biden for wining the elections. It was not unexpected for Tump to try to resist the American people's will especially knowing that that our own Chamisa is a phone call away from Trump, obviously the advice will be that, resist, go to court and continually dispute the election results. Shiri dzorunhenga.

Birds of the same further usually move in the same proximity.  However, for us in second republic and indeed the African continent and the region are that, we make the Americans, the British the EU part of our elections as a qualifying factors for holding of free,fair, democratic and transparent elections, with them holding the verdict. What is happening in America is not in any way a sign of a maturing democracy infact some if not most of the elections African and the so called third world countries hold are much better than what we see in the so called advanced civilization countries."  

Matemadanda added "During Bush's time we saw a similar situation and now Trump who held the world to ransom including extending sanctions on ZIMBABWE for purported human rights abuse. When now it comes to him to respect the will of the people. Everything is threatened. Maybe it's time our own guy Chamisa who is a phone call away, calls his mentour to please be civilised. But the bottom line is that Africa has nothing to learn from America, if anything they can learn from us like they did on civilization because we fought for our rights from them more than they did for theirs. And to Nero " wakafarira ng'anga inobata mai muning'ina And for Biden, we hope he understands that true civilization knows that sanctions kill the innocent people most than those that are accused. The second Republic and President Mnangagwa must be supported for the great stids achieved so far. " said cde Matemadanda

Source - Dr Masimba Mavza
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