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Sanctions unpacked

28 Oct 2020 at 08:03hrs | Views
As the nation, region and continent come together to mark 25 October as an anti- sanctions day it becometh expedient that I add my voice to the matter at hand. It is said knowledge is power and indeed ignorance or altogether arrogance is vanity. Thus when mankind is seized with any matter it is more than usual to resort to fire fighting.  The mind is rarely accorded the privilege of analysis and balanced conclusion of matters. Thus our case is one which calls for a little journey, the planetary exodus elucidation of our enquiry.

The first port of call is what the definition of sanctions is. A definition that comes to mind is that sanctions are themselves a weapon of war, a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule. A subtle strategy towards political subjugation through economic collapse and or financial incapacitation. Thus when a people is subdued in this stratagem they become kind of prisoners in need of a bail out or kind of redemption. This strategy is thus effective in dealing with rebellion and a perfect way to prove fallibility of malcontents. And yet it is a weapon which is available for use by any powerful sect irregardless of right. It can thus be used to subjugate justice itself.

Now as we retrace the annals of history it becometh obvious that the first persons to face this weapon are the first persons to walk on earth. The day Adam and Eve broke the rules of Eden and became as the scriptures say like unto Gods knowing good and evil it became expedient to chase them out of the garden and face the vagaries of a rebellious ecosystem. To ensure they would not return to enjoy the dainties of Eden, a Cherub with a burning sword was put on guard. Thus they were sanctioned from accessing Eden. Adam and Eve had to survive living in subjection to the elements to meet their family needs. These sanctions were given by a loving father not only to chasten but to expose mankind to the demands of invention and innovation thus graduating them to have dominion over the earth not as a given gift but earned right.

As we traverse through the sacred scrolls in the book of Job we come across the sons of God having the privilege to roam the universe and betimes coming to report their sojourns to the Father. This affair comes to an abrupt end in the book of Revelation when a part of these honorable Sons are banished from the divine throne. It is recorded there was war in heaven and a third of the host was thrown down on earth no more to enjoy divinity. When this crew descended it is was said woe unto the earth. Thus we see sanctions imposed upon the perverts to subdue their nefarious schemes and prove the limitations of their vain ambitions.

Thus as the earth groans in convulsions we find ourselves in the vortex of the sanctions quagmire and thus the grand question unto what end, by what authority and unto which consequences? It is good to catch a glimpse of the revealed prophecy of the sanctions doctrine. The book of the law continueth to forewarn - and it shall come to pass that the beast shall cause both young and old to receive a mark. And they without shall not be able to buy and sell. And thus we suddenly find ourselves in a startling conclave.

For we are suddenly bound to ask who is forbidding to buy and sell? By what authority is this prohibition being given? It is apparent sanctions are a universal strategy to coerce, prohibit or force a certain outcome.

Now with hints from the book of the law we revert back to our specific case. How did these sanctions come about? What triggered them? What is the intended outcome? Where have they been applied? With what results?  Where have they been used and how were they removed? Are they targeted to individuals or institutions? What are the ripple effects? How can we deal with them? Are protests and demonstrations going to work? Are the reasons for the continuation valid?

If the reasons for sanctions are valid should a single state force all global players to endorse them? What is the role of regional bodies, continental bodies and UN in settlement of international affairs? A myriad of questions begs introspection before we can have a conclusive stand point on sanctions. Thus all these questions are left hanging and the loose ends will be dealt with in detail in a treatise on Zimbabwean Sanctions if it is the way out.

This narrative only serves to conjure up interest and rouse objective analysis.  For we have these sanctions imposed on Iran, Cuba and other countries. How have these countries fared? What are the poverty levels? What is the state of their economies? Yes sanctions are not being used for a just cause neither for any just outcome. It's all a neocolonial strategy to give root to imperial hegemony, however we can not hide our own sins under the carpet.

Since these sanctions are not being imposed by the global community but a coterie of imperial hegemonic axis it therefore becomes clear that they are not sufficient to suffocate the nation. These sanctions have not closed borders. These sanctions have not banned SADC Economic integration. These sanctions have not banned AU Agenda 63. In more ways than not those imposing sanctions are some of the highest Aid donors to our shores as much as one can never achieve sustainable economic growth as a result of Aid or FDI. "Any hand that feeds you controls you". You depart from your own position of strength to negotiate with the world not from a position of weakness.

Sanctions have no power over rainfall. Neither have they in any way banned Key Audits from receiving the attention they deserved. They have not de-toothed ZACC. Sanctions have not caused erosion of civil servants salaries by over 400%. Sanctions have not created parallel pricing, neither introduced currency auctions, poor employee renumeration, abuse of insurance schemes, siphoning of cash from banks to the street, abuse of various command programs, failure to pump water to peoples homes. Yes they have their inhibitions but their greatest contribution to date has been to expose the evil of global imperialism and our great incompetence to create an environment that allows creativity and innovation to flourish an environment that supports the dreams and aspirations of all citizens despite one's background. It's outdated to deal with contemporary warfare.

SADC, AU and UN have been exposed and proved to be mere social clubs with neither the capacity nor goodwill to stand for truth, justice and righteousness.

As we scurry on the last leg of our 40 years in the wilderness may it dawn upon us that the era of Mosaic generation has its specific mandate to fulfil in its season. May the Joshua generation be seized with the Herculean task ahead. As we approach our own season may it be realised that we are a chosen people not because we are too clever but because of the showel of favour from the Creator as He remains at the Apex. A royal breed. The offspring of Munhumutapa once again about to enter the citadel of Great Dzimbabwe.

Ours is a generational mandate to establish a kingdom of glory whose origin is in the heavens above. Indeed let us see the vision with John the revelator of the great city of new Jerusalem descending upon us. If we are united in faith, repent from our wicked ways, call for divine strength and wisdom, with or without sanctions Zimbabwe can rise from the dust and lead the cause for truth, justice and righteousness in the world.

Yes SADC Economic Integration is possible, yes the Pan African vision of Agenda 63 can be realised, yes the UN can be reformed to reflect a true global village and the Sustainable Development Goals become a reality in this generation. No one is born a good citizen; no nation is born a developed nation. Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime but we take comfort from the fact that the tools required to achieve both are with in us waiting to be cultivated.

Young people must be included from birth. A society that cuts off from its youth severs its lifeline as well a nation that erases the footprints of history and not learn from it.

As I celebrate my 43 years of privilege granted to me by the tender mercies of the Lord allow me to share my vision of a great break through upon us. In due season we shall conquer and rise above sanctions. May we all behold the arm of the Lord as we set our feet upon Jordan.  Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me Great Dzimbabwe.

"Chirere chigokurerawo"

"Arise Ophir Arise"

"Arise the Jewel of the World Arise"

Professor Blessing Kasiyamhuru is the Zimbabwe Partnership For Prosperity (ZIPP) President
@ZIPP News

Source - Prof Blessing Kasiyamhuru
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