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Sanctions. What sanctions?

28 Oct 2020 at 07:50hrs | Views
25 October will go down in history as the day SADC took Zimbabwean people to the sacrificial altar simply to shore up their dictator brotherhood cult ruining the country.

The day set aside in 2019 to ostensibly rally the world to lift non existent sanctions against Zimbabwe was nothing but a smokescreen for SADC to sanitize and bolster the Zanu PF regime in its practices of rights abuses and economic plunder.

One sure way of covering up Zanu PF failure to govern is called clarion call for the removal of so called sanctions against Zimbabwe.

This is a lie that has been propagated religiously for decades now by  a government that has failed in all expectations. Here is a regional body, which instead of safeguarding the interests of the peoples in the southern part of the continent has instead, turned into a willing vessel of oppression, dictatorship and outright disregard of human rights.

The country is not under any economic sanctions as SADC as the current chairperson President Nyusi would stand on his soapbox and claim.

It is only a few Zanu PF officials who have been rightly placed under some restrictive measures to curtail their penchant for lavish spending of their ill-gotten wealth, human rights abuses, refusal to reform, corruption and plunder of national resources in Zimbabwe. How these have been regarded as a blanket sanction against the country is a mystery.

The real challenge in Zimbabwe is not sanctions since they do not exist. It is economic bankruptcy, lack of political, institutional and democratic reforms by the regime, corruption, plunder as well as outright disregard of the constitution.

The impoverishment of the masses, must also be seen for what it is, a deliberate tool of oppression done by Zanu PF to deprive  the people of even the basic vestiges of decency and power and increase their dependency on the oppressive regime.

Iphithule Maphosa
Nationa Spokesperson

Source - Iphithule Maphosa
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