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ZANU PF should be removed as they're not prepared to apply the rule of law

20 Oct 2020 at 15:31hrs | Views
Zimbabweans stop barking and start biting. This rogue regime openly breaks the international laws, who holds them to account? They continue pushing the boundaries and no one fights back. They should be removed if they're not prepared to operate within the law. They cannot continue to impinge on people's constitutional rights. Regardless of threats and intimidation tactics by the State, Zimbabweans must arise and stop barking and start biting, make this regime uncomfortable.

Years of oppression have socialised people into accepting the abnormal, that its ok to be abused in silence, no it's not. We cannot continue treading the same trail and expect a different outcome from a dictatorship whose only language is relentless state-sponsored terrorism. Zimbabwe stop barking and start biting.

The response of brute force and violence by this rogue regime when we peacefully protest against low wages and simply asking for better living standards should not be tolerated. If we want respect and freedom from a tyrannical government, we have to defend ourselves, only then will we stop being anyone's subjects. Unite, defy and resist tyranny, there is no freedom without sacrifice. Zimbabwe stop barking and start biting.

There are countless assaults on political opposition, civil society activists and human rights defenders. This proves how comfortable they are, while we remain quiet, we are abating them to abuse us forever. Based on historical precedence in brutality, political and human rights abuse that continues, it is up to us to make this stop. So, Zimbabwe stop barking and start biting.

Criticising government a crime in Zimbabwe. While they claim to be democratically elected isn't criticizing them a democratic right? Please do consider they're empty rhetoric "Zimbabwe is open for business" How is that possible with hungry children and no jobs for the citizens? Zimbabwe stop barking and start biking.

The government is targeting all government critics. The justice system is being fragmented and torn apart by Emerson Mnangagwa as criticising the illegitimate president is being criminalised using the captured judiciary system that's not even fit for purpose. The barbaric constitution of the ZANU PF needs to be scrapped, it's anarchy and lawlessness evicted from office. Remember the machete-wielding mob the Mashurugwi. Well, that should go with them too. Zimbabwe stop barking and start biting.

Human rights and political activist
Bigboy Sibanda

Source - Bigboy Sibanda
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