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Tribalism at its best: Khuphe a leader sent from hell! My reply!

18 Oct 2020 at 15:10hrs | Views
They see everything is wrong and going wrong because of Thokozani Khuphe. But who ignited the whole shenanigans going on in the MDC opposition parties? Indeed tribalism is embedded, it is entranced in our psyche, we fail to think outside our tribal affiliations. This has always been that we look at the polarized tribal thinking and settings and logic is thrown out of the window. If its not tribal, then the gender aspect comes centre-stage. Thokozani Khuphe suffers both, where she comes from first and a woman as such. Knowledge Hakata to crush Thoko in today's article is tribalism at its best. All fingers are pointing at Thokozani who sold out. However, I personally am not happy with Thoko's politics of working together with Zanu government to crush Chamisa. Do not insult her please: KHUPHE A LEADER FROM HELL IS INSULTING.

We seem not to understand the pain Thokozani Khuphe is going through. We have overlooked serious timelines, beginning with the time the late Morgen Richard Tsvangirai appointed two VPs, openly disregarding Khuphe to take over as the interim leader: apparently Tsvangirai's instinct told him that he was not surviving the terminal cancer. Hakata must be schooled, must be told in no uncertain terms that this tribal argument is a tired one. We are not buying it for many reasons. After the death, instantly there was a conference to reinstate Chamisa as the leader of the MDC-T. Why is it that our fellow citizens are not following the timelines where the problem started? It is not Khuphe who started the problem, but it was Tsvangirai who made sure that Khuphe does not assume presidency after his death.

Khuphe, a leader sent from hell is not only sinister, it is not only cynical, it is an insult hard to digest because even the people of Matabeleland are aware of how short-changed Khuphe was by a man he trusted most: Richard Morgen Tsvangirai. Listening to Sikhala talk about Khuphe who cannot even be voted by donkeys and dogs, why was the hurry to pedestalize Chamisa to presidency immediately after the death of Tsvangirai if you were sure Thoko was going to lose elections at congress? When the peoples from Mashonaland make obvious political mistakes, somehow it is overlooked and tacitly accepted, everyone is expected to move on without any scrutiny and critiquing political processes that do not make sense.

These wars between Thokozani and Chamisa are classical tribal wars reminiscent with the Zimbabwean politics of the present and the past. In the same manner: Zanu and Zapu had such splitting's and regrouping for decades. Frontline states tried on several occasions to reunite the two parties Zanu/Zapu together to fight a common enemy UDI Ian Douglas Smith as one force. Those who survived the guerrilla inner-fighting's in Tanzania-Mgagau will tell you the story of tribal hate, what is the evil of tribalism? We have not learnt much from these timelines especially the liberation period that should informed us about tribal animosities in our culture. We should address tribalism in our societies before we depart from this earth.

Who in the Chamisa-MDC-Alliance is on the side of Thokozani Khuphe who nearly lost her life together with Douglas Mwonzorwa in Bhuhera at the funeral of Tsvangirai? But it is easy to sit and pen an article in big letters: KHUPHE; A LEADER SENT FROM HELL. Painful in this article here is the tribal vitriol more than the argument itself why is she is sent from hell. Your Führer Chamisa is failing to lead the MDC-Alliance with 2,7 million supporters at his disposal. I cannot even imagine if it was Thokozani Khuphe in Chamisa's position failing the opposition politics so glaringly and embarrassingly, even Professor Stephen Chan can see this lack of leadership seven thousands miles away from Zimbabwe. Chamisa is supposed to step down and give someone who has the stamina to stand against the evil regime of Emmerson Mnangagwa. We need someone who is prepared to leave the comfort zone and confront Mnangagwa regime head-on.

Khuphe is a leader who tasted near death by burning. Her anger against Chamisa and all those who crafted her downfall has reached a boiling. She was given a chance by a DEVIL to crush enemy Chamisa, a fellow leader in MDC-T, an advocate and pastor who would easily have burnt her alive like her relatives who got burnt in the Gukurahundi atrocities. These are facts we forget when we begin to scrutinize Khuphe's vindictive politics against MDC-Chamisa. We are quick to see her as the one on the wrong side of the pale. Let us not forget that Thokozani may be aware of her unpopularity in Zimbabwean political landscape. She is consciously out to eliminate the entire Chamisa-Alliance and all of them permanently from Zimbabwe political landscape altogether. Her anger is unstoppable, but the damage was done by Tsvangirai, we cannot blame everything on Thoko because she is a small fry in the scheme of things; a woman, of Ndebele tribe as such.

We are pained by the fact that Thokozani is using the wrong stick to whip Chamisa. To work together with Mnangagwa government's judiciary to crush Chamisa is not the cleanest way to do things, hence, even the voices in Matabeleland are deeply concerned about purging of members of parliament and councillors. These inner fighting's are exposing a new low in the political maturing of the opposition. Some parliamentarians who have been purged, crossed the floor to reach out to MDC-T Thokozani for the sake of personal survival. This is politics in Zimbabwe, a means to an end. There is no other source of income if one was thrown out of parliament – a double bind. Thokozani is throwing the baby out with the bathwater: Chamisa needed some punishment, some threshing but never of this kind where a devil Mnangagwa is robbed in to destroy the only opposition we had.

Let us not be tribal when critiquing opposition destruction, let us not be gender insensitive when we critiques Thokozani and Chamisa shenanigans. We must remember too that these two; Thokozani and Chamisa have been comrades for two decades. They know one other in-and-out. There is a lot of dirty work they have done in the party together we may not be privy of them. In as much as Thokozani is not clean politically, so is Chamisa too who has on several occasions is accused of back handedness in his political dealings that Thokozani knows too well.
Dear Knowledge Hakata, next time please use a measured language to critique the two political parties of Chamisa and Thokozani, please use a language less tribal and gender sensitive. It can also be good if both crushed to the point of no return so that we have new names in our political fields. We need new names; said Violent Bulawayo. The beautiful ones needed to be born to take over from where we have dismally failed.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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