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Urgent need for MDC Chamisa to rebrand

01 Sep 2020 at 06:21hrs | Views
The right to choose one's political leaders; the ones that were once chosen, shape the political destiny of a nation, is vested in every adult citizen and enshrined in the constitution. This supreme political act conferred upon every citizen makes them legitimate political actors. One cannot exercise a political act and claim not to be a politician.

This simple statement of fact entrusts every sane adult citizen with the collective right to choose political leaders from the President down to the lowest rung of political leadership. Deducing from this truism, the electors have greater authority over the elected. In politics, more especially in Zimbabwean politics, this is not the case. The authority of the elector only lasts for the duration of the electoral process.

Often during the electoral process, the elector's authority is usurped through political chicanery, rigging and blatant intimidation. After the elections, the elected metamorphose themselves into untouchable political gurus who determine without consulting the political and economic interests of those who elected them to power. Elected MDC-Alliance MPs are now being replaced by the unelected individuals in the name of rule of law and constitutionalism.

From the words of our decorated War Veteran President Retired Brigadier Agrippa Mutambara "At independence in 1980, every comrade who participated in the armed struggle was a celebrated hero. We walked with our heads held high, basking in the glory of our supreme sacrifice to liberate the country from the shackles of colonial domination.

Years down the line the heroes have turned villain. We now bury our heads in the sand because we are leaving behind a legacy of poverty, backwardness, corruption, and intense suffering for our people. The majority rule we prided ourselves to have ushered in through the successful execution of the armed struggle is just an empty slogan. We succeeded in replacing white minority rule with black minority rule.

At least the white minority rule left behind sound infrastructures and a breathing economy. We prophetically renamed our country Zimbabwe after the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and over the years have turned the country into just that ruins. The minority black government now presides over a ruined economy, ruined social infrastructure and a ruined and poisoned political environment. We are now a nation of beggars and dead moving graves – we are a Zombie Land."

On that note, it is our view that Chamisa's MDC-Alliance should seriously consider disbanding MDC brand and rebrand.

1- The reality of most modern democracies-for better or for worse is that to win elections, strong political branding is as important as policy. A damaged brand cannot win elections, no matter how popular the leader and policies are. When a political, ping is needed. The MDC brand is heavily Infiltrated and compromised by Zanu-PF to pose any serious threat of winning any elections in Zimbabwe. It is alleged that Zanu-PF donated the MDC brand through the court process to Madam Khupe and team for their party in infiltrating and undermining Chamisa's leadership hence ZimPF opted to cut ties with the MDC alliance on the 26th of May 2019.

MDC Chamisa must understand that the line between electoral politics and marketing is increasingly thin. As we witnessed in Malawi, after UTM & MCP won their court case against Malawi Electoral commission seven opposition parties formed the Tonse Alliance which managed to win elections in just 90days of its formation.

Furthermore, MDC Chamisa must be reminded that their predecessor's attempts to form a government have been frustrated countless times to a point that the electorate is beginning to lose faith in the MDC brand. The MDC brand is too damaged, infiltrated and divided. Something fundamental must change. It is alleged that the late Dr Patson Dzamara was poisoned whilst in prison. With the Permission of the Dzamara family, we propose that we call our new outfit Dzamara Alliance or something purposefully.

No parent wants to bury their own children before their time. It is our opinion that this would be a better word to communicate our pain and fears to the electorate. As opposition parties united, we stand. If we do not vote Zanu-PF out, we are going to bury more of our children before their time.
Zimbabweans have suffered for far too long at the hands of a cunning Zanu-PF. Do not be surprised to hear the Zimbabwe Election Commission declaring by-elections to be held soon. In that case, opposition parties are going to be caught off guard.

Two likely scenarios would happen if ZEC declares by-elections today.

It is not a secret that the MDC functions have frustrated each other to a point that they have become vexatious litigants, some scholars now believe that the MDC is now more of a legal TV series than a political party.

A- MDC Chamisa will field candidate under MDC-Alliance banner. MDC T will then challenge Chamisa's MDC Alliance for infringement of MDC T's right by using the name MDC alliance.

B- Whilst these two MDC functions are busy fighting in court over intellectual property, issues in allegedly Zanu-PF controlled courts. Zanu-PF will be busy on the ground allegedly vote-buying and campaigning for their chosen candidates and party.

2- There is a big possibility that Zanu-PF might win some seats in some of MDC's strongholds and the world will wonder if there is a crisis in Zimbabwe, at all. ZimPF as a potential Dzamara Alliance partner, we are of the view that it is imperatively important that we bring our heads together on an equal footing; focus on rebranding; implementation of electoral reforms; Unite all opposition parties; vigorously market brand Dzamara Alliance; creating an environment for free and fair elections for the looming by-elections and 2023 general elections.

Thank you
Marakia Bomani ZimPF Secretary-General

Source - Marakia Bomani - ZimPF Secretary-General
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