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Liberators turned mercenaries

21 Aug 2020 at 09:12hrs | Views
War veterans are currently lobbying the Minister of Finance to for a salary increment as they are the 'Reserve Force' of the Zimbabwe National Army. The average age of our WarVets is 65yrs. WarVets demanded that their  children get first preference for Civil Service jobs. WarVets have farms and benefit from Governments Command Agriculture which gives them free farming implements and fuel. In the late 90s WarVets demanded Compensation for disabilities suffered during the war and $50000 per person as a Thank You for liberating Zimbabwe gratuity. This followed threats they had given to the then President Mugabe and they were given the money which was unbudgeted for causing the start of the fall of the ZimDollar.

As a "Born Free" and daughter in a family of WarVeterans, l have great respect for the Sacrifice taken to liberate Zimbabwe. I however believe it was collective effort to fight and win the war.  Villagers, war collaborators, business, the church, traditional leaders worked hand in glove to liberate Zimbabwe. Alone, gun trotting soldiers would have not defeated Smith Regime thus making everyone important and deserving payments or allowances after lndependence. Sadly our WarVets make demands for themselves forgetting that every Zimbabwean deserves the perks. They have distanced themselves from the 'people' and like in Animal Farm, all animals are equal but some animals are more Equal than others. Our WarVets are more equal than others.

Thousands died during war in Zimbabwe and outside. Chimoio, Nyadzonia and other areas are home to our people lying in mass graves. These liberators did not see lndependent Zimbabwe, their families lost a family member and their loss of life is permanent.l lost my teenage twin aunt during war. She was burnt alive in a neighbours house along with other villagers. I never met tete Sophia and she was not hurried burnt to ashes during the liberation war.  Where is the Compensation for those who paid this ultimate sacrifice? Did their families get farms, are they children schooled by the state, do their families get monthly pension and a one-off gratuity like the $50 000. Vakafa vakakanganikwa we have those that claim "to have died" for this country and are our Reserve Military force at 65years old.

A mercenary according to Wikipedia sometimes called a soldier of fortune is an individual who takes part in a military conflict for personal profit. The Freedictionary describes a mercenary as "greedy, grasping, acquisitive, venal, avaricious, covetous, money grubbing, bribable soldier". The selfish demands by our WarVets clearly fall into these definitions, they are mercenaries who believe this Country owes them and they are entitled to perks as long as they live and their children must continue being pampered. They don't care about the suffering of other citizens mostly fellow pensioners who get peanuts from NSSA. They are not moved by the poverty of my "Born Free Generation". They are liberators turned mercenaries

Ms Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe Zimbabwe Activists Alliance

Source - NSSA
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