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The health care system in shambles

20 Aug 2020 at 07:13hrs | Views
Covid 19 has been the greatest threat to any health care system. Fighting such a virus has been a herculean task for most of the first world country, with stable economies and world class health care systems.

For most third world countries like Zimbabwe this has proven to be such a cumbersome task. All efforts by the government have been futile, this has not been a surprise sadly with the gruesome state to which our hospitals are in, huge concerns have been raised on their capability to put this virus at bay.  

An economy which has been held together by a piece of string, financially the country has not been in a position to curb the virus.

The rate at which covid 19 test kits have been rolled out in most countries, has proven to be pivotal in combating this virus, this has been seen mostly in countries which have been successful in reducing the number of people being infected.

A staggering number of tests which have been conducted in the country's single testing centre in the capital of Harare. It has been estimated that less than 10000 tests have been conducted, with an estimate of 4500 cases of corona Virus been confirmed, with less than 150 deaths .The government has been under scrutiny these past weeks on the validity or authenticity of these number , to which they have been presenting the world.

The same government has been under lashes for their lack of transparency on the actual number of confirmed corona virus cases ,with a lot of speculation on how the confirmed Covid-19 cases could  be way more than we have been led to believe.

These speculations could actually hold water, looking from an angle of cases which are not diagnosed early increasing the chances of the virus spreading within the communities. Most of these cases are actually being diagnosed during post-mortem confirmed one of the Doctors in Harare.  

This speculation shades light in the darkness which the general populace has been kept for far too long, on how deadly this virus is, how many unaccounted-for people have fallen victim to the deadly virus up to date and how the government keeps failing us a nation.

"Social distancing has been one of the most impractical measures imposed to reduce the numbers of corona cases from rising by the Zimbabwean government, as people are forced to queue up for basic food commodities which have since been scarce in the country" by Velisiwe Ndlovu

This has been the darkest period in the world's history , sadly this has been worst period for most Zimbabwean who have been left to fend for themselves as the government has done nothing to help in these dire times.

This period has laid bare the incompetence of the ruling party to see us through rough terrains and the appalling state to which our health care system is in s .In the midst of such a period the ruling party has been smothered by corruption allegation, the former minister Obidiah Moyo at the centre of these allegation, instead of doing more to serve life they have been fattening their pockets.

The former minister was charged with $60 million dollar corruption scheme for the procurement of the Covid 19 kits. The recent appointment of former army General Chiwenga as minister of health the further shatters all hopes of controlling this virus ,as the closest thing to experience he has in the health sector is being admitted in finest hospital while the general population die in the run down hospitals.   

Self-serving politics has been one of the reasons our hospitals are in such a state, incompetence. f our leaders is another reason innocent lives are being lost on a daily basis.

Source - Godard Thabani Bvungidzire
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