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Bad apples and forces

17 Aug 2020 at 08:50hrs | Views
In 1963 the dark forces of western intelligence identified a few bad apples within the Nationalist movement of Rhodesia, ZAPU, which had survived bans and detention of its leaders. Independence was gathering steam in southern Africa and Britain was terrified of losing influence in the region to the communist bloc. An operation to divide ZAPU was mooted and implemented. Ethnic narrative was used to influence a few hungry malcontents within ZAPU. A window dressing was found in the form of Enos Nkala to counter the obvious ethnic slant of the operation. Hence ZANU was born out of a web of outright deceit and political intrigue. As is the nature of lies more lies are needed to prop up the original lie. Since 1963 ZANU has been lurching from one lie to the next interspaced with bloodshed to instil the fear of death in those questioning these lies.

Fast forward six decades and the global landscape has altered. The cold war has ended. The Berlin Wall has been torn down. The Iron Curtain has rusted away. Governments have become more accountable to the people who elected them into government. Not into power but into government. Former liberation movements in their diverse ideologies and sponsorships have had to transform into political parties seized with the running of the countries they fought for. The experiences of the struggle have been consigned to academia and its hallowed halls. But in the words of Lovemore Moyo, former Speaker of Parliament, ZANU has failed to transform and reform.
ZANU has become the bad apple among the liberation movements of Africa and the world. The dark forces driving it are now corruption and an insatiable appetite for personal wealth. The current crisis in Zimbabwe is driven by the regime's desire to protect its corrupt elite. The current human rights abuses are driven by the regime's greed to loot the national resources even as the country reels from unprecedented levels of social and economic collapse precipitated by the corruption of ZANU.

There is a political crisis in Zimbabwe manifesting itself in human rights abuses. That is a FACT! Human Rights are global rights and do not respect physical national boundaries. Police brutality in Namibia is police brutality in Zambia. Illegal detention in Botswana is illegal detention in Zimbabwe. That is the essence of all those Bills of Human Rights that Zimbabwe signed at various fora  at SADC, AU and UN. Those signatures said the country was opening itself up for scrutiny and placing itself under the jurisdiction of those bodies for any alleged transgressions of those Bills of Human Rights. Those trips were more than Travel and Sustenance looting tours.

The regime in Harare cannot then plead sovereignty when called to account for human rights transgressions. The regime cannot hide behind diplomatic doublespeak and protocol to escape scrutiny for human rights abuses. The regime cannot hide behind liberation war brotherhood to evade peer review for political delinquency. The regime cannot cower behind sanctions and imagined western sponsored regime change agenda when the citizens march in the streets demanding their accountability.

But that is exactly what ZANU is doing, much to the consternation and bemusement of the world and its alleged comrades. Why? Because ZANU is a lie that has been abused to amass gross personal wealth for the bad apples that were handled by British and American Intelligence in 1963. Because ZANU is a lie that has been used to commit genocide in the Southern Region of the country from Independence to date. Because ZANU is a lie that has been abused by dark forces to destabilise the region while they loot the natural resources of the region.

Currently ZANU through its various stooges is thumbing its nose at the ANC in SA. Magashule and Lindiwe Zulu have been recipients of a tongue lashing for daring to speak the truth. That should be an eye opener to the ANC that the relationship that they say they have with ZANU only works in so far as it benefits ZANU. That relationship itself is a lie because they were never comrades in arms. Instead ANC was a prisoner of ZANU in Zimbabwe just as it is now a prisoner of ZANU lies. The time has come to call out the ZANU lie and liberate the people of Zimbabwe. Nkomo said it ‘It has come late to me that a people can win their liberation and lose their freedom'
Zimbabwe has not won its liberty from a system of capitalist oppression by a corrupt elite put in place by the white minority regime. We call upon the liberation movements to help liberate the people of Zimbabwe and prove the ZANU lie.


Source - Patrick Gabavu
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