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Vote for the Corrupt and Reap Corruption Simple!

15 Aug 2020 at 17:41hrs | Views
It's a challenge for the President to chose from the dung who to appoint as Ministers. Constitutionally, he has reached the maximum number he can appoint as Ministers outside of Parliament and he is left with no option but to just pick from the junkyard.

Our Cabinet is constituted of recycled dead wood and a few new clueless characters like swimmer Kirsty Coventry. Characters who have a track record of failure and newbies who have nothing to offer make up the Zimbabwean Cabinet including those who follow Western economic policies that are anti-poor like Mtuli Ncube. It is no wonder why the economy is a mess and the people are up in arms against their government. People are hungry, angry and poverty levels are too high for a country not at war. There is lack of skill and tact to combat poverty. The only successful thing our Cabinet does is abuse of office, corruption and giving tenders to funny characters like Chivhayo; appointing connections to boards to milk parastatal such as NSSA whilst the poor pensioners get less than US$10 in monthly allowances. It is a Corrupt Cabinet and will be happy to substantiate my claim if called upon to.

We elect Corrupt Cabinet ministers by default. It is from the Corrupt MPs we elect that Cabinet is chosen from. You were most probably bribed to vote for your MP. We ask our MPs to buy us beer, food, seed and give us some money in exchange for our vote. Those who are poor and/or incorruptible are not voted for regardless of their progressive ideas'. Once your MPs get appointed to Ministerial positions, they must recover their money used during campaigning and buying your vote. They must make more money and enough to buy your vote in the next election. They use corruption to do all that and you make all sorts of noise as if you are not part of the the problem. These are your Ministers, you voted for them and they are Corrupt.

We voted for junk and expect to reap honey. We have voted for the same tired opposition MPs whose area of expertise is heckling and walking out of Parliament and demanding allowances. People who suffer from 'splitting sickness'; Same team that shouts about Reforms they failed to reform during GNU. Failures who touting a National Transitional Authority and believe they have a panacea to Zimbabwes problems because they are the biggest opposition party. You have voted for the same Councillors who have had service delivery deteriorating under their watch. Councillors who award themselves, their cronies and sell stands illegally; people who have turned recreational land to residential stands and hve never built schools and clinics from the year 2000. You voted for lawyers who ensure that the 'corrupt' escape jail time at all costs. They make millions from representing their corruption clients like Chombo, Gono and crew. They are the Tendai Bitis of this world who speak against corruption whilst they are the Advocates for the Corrupt and Advocates for Corruption. They talk with forked tongues and are not principled. They are anti-labour in court and pro-labour at political rallies, Chamisa won a labour case for Zuva Petroleum which led to thousands of workers losing their jobs. They don't use their knowledge of the weakness of the law to craft new laws that protect the workers in Parliament instead they use the same law to make money.

You vote for such characters and expect ED Mnangagwa to put an end to Corruption which you all support. If we genuinely want to corruption to end, we have to use our Vote and vote for representatives on Merit. Until we sober up and stop selling our votes to the highest bidder, corruption will continue unabated. March, protest and demonstrate all you like but ED won't stop Corruption; you can if you use your vote responsibly. It makes the Head of State's work easier when he has man and woman of honour to chose from and make his Cabinet. As it stands, Aluta Continua Corruption!

Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe Zimbabwe Activists Alliance 0773011262

Source - Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe
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