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Decolonisation of Zimbabwe Part 2

14 Aug 2020 at 21:42hrs | Views
In achieving further steps towards the decolonisation of Zimbabwe and completely emancipating Zimbabweans from the brutal and savage after-effects of the racist colonial settlers' regime, this Zanu-PF government must seek COMPENSATION from these remaining white farmers.

This compensation is to redress the injustices perpetrated by their conduct and their forefathers who illegally grabbed our ancestors land, cattle, mines with the barrel of a gun without relying on any  Constitution except the Bible.

The amount to be compensated to the Zimbabwean beneficiaries must be in American dollars and should be paid by these white farmers and they can request the IMF, USA, UK, WORLD BANK, EU to assist them in paying the compensation to the Zimbabweans. This compensation will assist Zimbabweans to use as capital to open many industries such as mining, agriculture, education, information technology, manufacturing to sustain their families.

Zimbabweans need these funds to uplift themselves from the poverty created by these white farmers and their colonial racist government of Ian Smith and their founding father Cecil John Rhodes and further accelerated by Mugabe and his Zanu-PF government.

The compensation will be used as a revolving fund and will establish a  database of Zimbabwean industrialists who will be empowered from all categories such as men, women, disabled, urban and rural people shall all benefit from this compensation fund. These white farmers and their kith and kin bankrupted the wealth of Zimbabwe together with their stooge imposed by the British being Mugabe the former president of Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe.

Compensating these white farmers would mean essentially the Zimbabweans would continue to work for these whites until kingdom come all because of the greed and stupidity of this Zanu-PF government. When this type of attitude is allowed to continue in the twentieth century when will the African child accumulate his own wealth and be free from empowering these whites?

In Asia, South Korea was compensated by the Japanese government for the evil acts committed by the previous Japanese government on the citizens of South Korea during World 1 and 2. This example is one among many that can be relied on to show that the perpetrator must compensate the victim of injustices such as crimes against another race such as illegal dispossession of Zimbabweans of land by the colonialists.

Source - Mzilikazi Zwane
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