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Decolonisation of Zimbabweans

13 Aug 2020 at 22:08hrs | Views
Dear fellow Zimbabweans we need to remove this yoke of bondage and free our minds, spirit and bodies from this Zanu-PF and its government and their colonised leaders' minds that still continue to suffer from the after-effects of colonisation by the British settlers and the racist regime of Ian Smith.

I will suggest ways of how to gradually decolonise Zimbabweans who desire to be prosperous and futuristic thinking and living and enjoying life in the present and future Zimbabwe should do.

1. The agreement recently signed towards the end of July 2020 between this Zanu-PF government to compensate these undeserving handful of surviving white farmers is a testimony that these Zanu-PF leaders were traumatised by these white colonisers and do not visualize any future for Zimbabweans without them binding Zimbabweans to these handful white farmers. The idea behind this stupid and detrimental act of betrayal of Zimbabweans by this Zanu-PF government was probably done under the impression that if they appease these white farmers then the IMF, WORLD BANK,EU, USA, UK, AUSTRALIA will release funds to the RBZ their piggy bank and then their looting spree continues since it began from 1980. This Zanu-PF government cannot survive without white people since they offer to them a source of quick money to squander willy nilly unaccountable to Zimbabweans. This selfish and greedy attitude from Zanu-PF is what is currently killing Zimbabwe and its people as this Zanu-PF government has relied on international aid since 1980 when Mugabe was in power since they destroyed all industries in the spirit of entitlement and looting. Zimbabweans should have become self-reliant by now in terms of manufacturing, mining, agriculture but the 40 years were wasted by Mugabe with his stupid tribal policies and connived with the British government led by Margaret Thatcher to protect the interests of the few white minorities left in Zimbabwe post-1980. Mugabe basically sat on the progress of Zimbabweans by his clueless and visionless rule and fulfilled the mandate of the British queen to whom he owed unwavering allegiance as he was the stumbling block in the land distribution process.

2. Zimbabweans both local and diaspora must all participate in voting Zanu-PF government out of power in the upcoming 2023 national elections and appoint a new government of national unity. The new cabinet should consist of members selected from all political parties that are registered with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC).

3. The new cabinet must have members coming from all different tribes in Zimbabwe and no tribe must have total control of the new cabinet in terms of majority members.

4. In the new Zimbabwe post-2023 people must be encouraged to learn and communicate in their local language or mother tongues such as Ndebele, Shona, Tonga, Sotho, Shangaan, Kalanga at their places of work, school, tertiary institutions and other social gatherings. Zimbabweans must not be proud to speak in English as was preached by Mugabe who was suffering from the post-trauma effects of colonisation but must be proud to speak in their own local languages such Ndebele, Shona, Tonga, Venda, Sotho, Kalanga and celebrate their diversity as this element was suppressed by Mugabe who wanted to please his British masters to the detriment of Zimbabweans.

4. In the new Zimbabwe, everybody must be able to be given a chance to work in an industry of their choice and skill in accordance with their qualifications and knowledge. The current Zanu-PF government-appointed comrades since 1980 to positions that they do not deserve based on political, tribal affiliation and this tendency has to be completely wiped out of the new Zimbabwe as people must be employed on merit. Zanu-PF implemented this policy based on the divide and rule policy which was the brainchild of their masters being the British who were their former colonisers.

5. In the new Zimbabwe, the education system should erase this 5 "O" Level entry attitude to all opportunities either work or tertiary as even the British the former colonisers of this Zanu-PF government do not apply this stupid system that discourages the development of a prosperous Zimbabwean society. Zimbabweans from all walks of life, social status whether rural or urban must be given equal access to opportunities to excel in the new Zimbabwe.

Source - Mzilikazi Zwane
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