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We must Occupy the Decision making tables @40!

13 Aug 2020 at 21:34hrs | Views
The truth has to be said when there is nothing much left to life to protect. Life is unbearably difficult for many of us and l have personally felt the depth of poverty my body has not been spared. Strokes are killing the middle aged as the hassle is too much with own children looking up to your and elderly parents to support. The centre cannot hold and we are 'born free' into poverty.

Poverty is  a generational struggle affecting more than 90% of our generation. Its real and increasing in intensity on a daily basis. The bulk of the 90% employed are Civil servants and they are no better from their peers. We are the generation of lodgers everything we own is a product of kiya-kiya because we did not get privileged to access loans and mortgages unlike the generation of our parents. Our kids make up the "bridge brigade" vafanha vanoswera pamaBridge vachiputa mbanje, they are are the youths who abuse cough mixtures like Broncho which have codeine and drink antidepressants including schizophrenic medication. Our children take anything to get drunk and high because they are idle, they have no plan no future. If you are lucky to be rich and don't have such struggles, this article is not meant for you but if you are in the same boat like me, lets talk about it.

We have a natural responsibility towards our children as their parents. We owe it to them to provide food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education and guidance all the way to adulthood. I have failed to provide for my kids and I see no changes in the near future. It reminds me of Tupac song "Changes". I see no changes, no miracles but I know we can talk about it and act on it.

At 40 years, some are grandparents and all of us have strands of white hair. Misoro yakuchena. But what have you to show for your age besides the kids that you cannot reasonably provide for? Who and what has happened to our Generation? Who is occupying our space? Who is making decisions for our children on our behalf because @40 we must be sitting on decision making tables. I am clear about one thing, we must be Occupying Decision Making Tables in all spaces. We have broken lives but owe it to our children to stand up as their parents and have a say in their present and future.

We are at the prime age, we our globally competent,  we can start projects we will see through, we have the fire and energy to do our part to build Zimbabwe. We have the responsibility towards our children's future. Every Generation has its  Generational Mandate and Obligation, no generation must 'eat' into another's mandate. There is no excuse for the current Status Quo continuing Unabated in Zimbabwe. Its a Generational struggle and there is nothing partisan about my call to fight poverty as a Generation.

The call to fight poverty calls for fresh minds. It calls for ideological clarity and grasp of current global relations. It is a struggle from liberation to economic development where we have a say in the value of our resources. It's a call to invite back home our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora to bring back their experience to build Zimbabwe. Its a clear call that unites people and give a chance for those who "know" to do it! Meritocracy clarion call where we don't have keep recycling those who have been given an opportunity to turn the fortunes of the country and have failed in central and local governments, parastatals, boards, schools and Health. Nyika haisi mahumbwe where you play the role of Sekuru yesterday and today you are Mainini and tomorrow you are the baby. From back in the day of independence we have same characters being Cabinet ministers, same Members of Parliament, Councillors, Board of Directors and so on and so forth. Why are we getting poorer and poorer if these people 'knew' their jobs so well? They have collectively failed and new blood must take over and bring new ideas and solutions and win the battle over poverty. Our Generation is ready to sit at the tables and get working and must occupy the spaces.
As I mentioned earlier, we need to speak about it. We are in a Second Republic led by President ED Mnangagwa. We thought that we would see our Born Free Generation being entrusted with the responsibilities of leading Ministries. Unfortunately, that was not the case because the Generation is not speaking. Or our Generation has no space in "chinhu chedu" as Elder Patrick Chinamasa always rubs in our face. We saw 2018 elections, opposition keeping MPs and Councillors from year 2000. ChiCde chauraya Nyika... Leadership must not be an occupation, its a responsibility which we serve and pass on to next generations to do their part. Its complex and demands more sophisticated skills that change with time. No one generation can keep leading successfully. We demand our Generational seats on the tables in all spaces. We owe it to our children to fix Zimbabwe collectively as one People. Vision 2030 needs our Generation to Take Charge and drive it  else its a nice vision which we will not see. Many visions have been pronounced to us before, there was Vision 2020 & noone talks about it now that we reached the 2020. We have to change the way we are doing business in Zimbabwe if we are to change the course of our journey.

We don't need the Chinese and their looting; Americans and their sanctions; British and their White Supremacy systems; South Africa and their exploitation. The resource and currency to unlock the potential of Zimbabwe lies in our Generation, we demand a seat on the decision making tables. Look no further we are here to serve and save our children and Nation Zimbabwe.

Ms Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe Zimbabwe Activists Alliance Coordinator  (0773011262)

Source - Ms Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe
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