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Partnerships in lies, historical distortions and corruption now an ANC/ZanuPF game

12 Aug 2020 at 08:14hrs | Views
I remember vividly in one of the last Zapu rallies held at White City Stadium in 1982 the ex Zipra choir singing, "Siyamkhalel`uMandela omunye wezinkhokeli zase Africa ezavalelwayo. Ngoba silobudlelwano obungaqamukiyo. Thina loMkhonto WeSizwe Sofa Silahlane" Translated (" We demand Nelson Mandela one of the African leaders in detention because we have a relationship that will never end. We shall forever be with uMkhonto WeSizwe and only death will separate us").

A few months after the rally Gukurahundi was unleashed onto the region after Rhodesian and South African Intelligence and spies had connived with Emmerson Mnangagwa and his boss Robert Mugabe.  But the bond between Zapu/Zipra and ANC was never broken even during the suffering era of Gukurahundi. Meanwhile Zanu was doing all it could to help PAC the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania to  build up its army APLA. By the way initially when Oliver Tambo requested the newly independent government of Zimbabwe to support the struggle in South Africa, Mugabe told Oliver Tambo to first denounce Zapu. This was even before the so called dissidents. Oliver Tambo refused to denounce Zapu and left Harare. Later Mugabe said the ANC could only have offices. There were never MK bases in Zimbabwe.

Lest it be forgotten, on the eve of the announcement of the first general elections results in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, the British Governor Lord Sommes and the leaders of Apartheid flew to Mozambique and held a meeting whose details were never made public up to today. Meanwhile there were MK fighters in Gwaai River Mine with the Zipra regular army. South Africa threatened to bomb the camp and MK fighters were withdrawn. The ANC and Zapu had fought side by side since the 60s.

Today we read that Zanla and MK shared trenches and some ANC people share this falsehood shamelessly. We know that Zanu are experts in fabricating a history that never was especially about battles of the struggle but we thought that the ANC would be self-respecting enough and keep a historical truism of the struggle. In Zanu-PF those who lie a lot were not even part of the Zanla fighters during the struggle. They have taken over the propaganda machinery of Zanu-PF and they have been spreading all lies that they can imagine. For years they said that Joyce Teurai Ropa brought down a helicopter. When they wanted to discredit her, they said that she had never done it. Is there a need for an ANC member to just tell lies and blatantly distort history?

What we have come to know is that there are business partnerships between Zanu-PF and some ANC members. It is believed that some in the current leadership of the ANC have mines in Zimbabwe. We also know that there are outcries against corruption in South Africa especially by some ANC leaders. For Zanu-PF sharing whatever moneys are there among the rulers is a norm. No one dares  to open his mouth as guns are pointed at the population.

Whereas in Zapu we do not regret whatever we did to support the struggle against apartheid in collaboration and support of UMkhonto WeSizwe comrades, where ever we could possibly do, we are saddened by the denial of the current crop of some ANC leaders who have accepted a ZanuPF condition to denounce their history in favour of business interests. This is very unlike their gallant and revolutionary leader Oliver R. Tambo. It is just some cross-border corruption.  
Mkhululi Zulu
Presidential Spokesperson

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Source - Mkhululi Zulu
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