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Chiwenga's appointment cynical

by Dr Amai
09 Aug 2020 at 10:16hrs | Views
MY Dear People,

The continued hardships that Zimbabweans have experienced since 1980 have sent them into a permanent state of stupor and numbness.

As a result, the leadership, especially after the departure of Gushungo (Robert Mugabe), is now able to come up with all manner of silly stunts knowing that nothing will be done about it.

One of the most recent clownish stunts by ED was his recent appointment of one of his vice presidents as health minister.

This is the time for serious business and not silly jokes in the face of the global pandemic, Covid-19.

Home Affairs, Defence or Prisons and Correctional Services would have been more like it, given that the guy has known nothing other than guns and containment since his youth days.

At this rate, ED could soon add the ICT portfolio to some of Kembo's responsibilities or better still give him responsibilities of coaching the Zimbabwe national badminton, cricket, tennis and angling teams!

One thing for sure is that as a nation, we are sunk when gangsters and the junta take over the running of the country and become responsible for national resources and taking decisions on our behalf.

What is even more cynical about the appointment is that the new health minister has never had a good rapport with health delivery service personnel, having threatened to fire doctors and nurses in the past for legitimately demanding reasonable wages.

He has described them as "skilled labourers" but in his own very unique way.

The guy knows nothing about the Zimbabwean health sector, including being a patient in Zimbabwe!

We all know how he prefers being treated in swanky medical facilities in South Africa, India and China.

Many Zimbabweans have a sneaky feeling that he was given that portfolio as a way of exposing him and setting him up for failure.

Don't believe all that claptrap about how the health sector needs strong interventions from people with a military background as if we are now in Command Health

With all the attendant problems associated with the health ministry, including tricky tenders and a restive workforce, one can't help but speculate that ED wants to ensure Kedha's famously short fuse blows as soon as possible.

It is like being given the power and energy ministry.

We do hope his speech writers will ensure they keep problem words out of his speeches.

It will not be good to have words such as health, malaria, child, chloroquine, amoxicillin and malaquine popping up in speeches.

It could be very "dhibhiritating".

Zanu-PF rebellion

We were all very shocked to learn that the July 31, protests had all along been planned by Zanu-PF members, who have issues about how the country is being run into the ground.

We were further intrigued to learn that the head of intelligence in the country was illegally summoned to a politburo meeting to expose the internal rebellion.


So why were those people not arrested?

So instead of targeting people who were actively planning to protest, some innocent victims linked to the opposition, the media and civil society were wrongly targeted?

Even more surprising is that senior Zanu-PF members were involved in the planned protests and that very colourful placards had long been produced.

Interesting times indeed.

Hardworking heroes?

We are always moved by the eulogies that are reeled off during all burials at the Zanu-PF private cemetery also known as Heroes Acre.

We are always told how the heroes were such hard workers and that had death had not stolen them, Zimbabweans would have moved into the First World era.

One hardworking hero that we lost recently was the minister of agriculture Perrance Shiri, so we were told.

He had plans to make Zimbabwe a breadbasket of Africa, whatever that means.

A lot of people are, however, puzzled as to why more than half of Zimbabweans are starving and why our silos are empty when we had such a hardworking agriculture minister.

Maybe it is the sanctions.


It was another surprise to wake up to a hastily arranged State of the Nation Address (Sona), by his "excerendi" the President.

It was very clear that it was a bad attempt to pre-empt the regional and continental backlash for the crackdown against Zimbabweans by their own government.

Even poor Ian Khama who believed that some of the gangsters could become good leaders has given up.

Anyway, ED said a lot of good things in that Sona including his call for corruption to end.

But as one cynic observed, we all know whose children are looting state resources through tender manipulation, we know which family controls the illegal foreign currency trade, we know which family are kingpins of gold mining in the country, we know the family responsible for most of the corruption in the country.

Who shot Shiri?

Other than the Gukurahundi genocide, former air force commander Perrance Shiri may have taken other secrets to his grave.

Even his colleagues in his party and government conveniently chose not to address the issue.

Whatever happened to investigations into who shot Shiri in December 2008 when he was driving from his farm in Mashonaland Central?

Could it be that the issue is too sensitive?

Like the explosion at White City Stadium in Bulawayo, which nearly wiped out the entire Zanu-PF leadership?

Ntombizodwa Woyee! Chatunga Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)
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