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The price of tribal politics in Zimbabwe is dangerous and costly: A warning to the people of Mashonaland once more!

07 Aug 2020 at 22:22hrs | Views
Nomazulu Thata
Hätte der Hund nicht geschießen, hätte der Haufen nicht gegeben, this is a German adage it means we regret bitterly the decisions we made in previous times.  Indeed if the dog had not shot, the heap would not have given. Joshua Nkomo warned the people of Mashonaland about their decision to vote Zanu PF into power as early as 1980. To quote him verbatim he said: "This pasi newe is dangerous. This very slogan will come and hound the very people its purporting to have liberated today and the Gukurahundi grand plan that seemed to quench the long-awaited revenge of peoples of Mashonaland against the Ndebele's.

It is obvious that the peoples of Mashonaland are regretting to have voted Zanu PF in power in 1980. Who had seen this coming that Zanu PF would maim, burn, abduct, rape, and kill its own Shona children? The children of Mashonaland smell like goats and are being treated with the same set of brutality of the Gukurahundi era. Joshua Nkomo said to Zanu PF: "you are murdering, killing, raping the peoples of Matabeleland cold blood today, you will do it on your children one day." This one day that Joshua Nkomo meant 40 years ago is upon us today.

We all know how a Ndebele citizen was treated in the early independence of 1980. Chinonzi dissident chii? The word dissident back then was then synonymous to the people of Matabeleland. To be recognized that you are Ndebele meant death sentence. We did not even have sympathy from the Shona peoples. Radio services were talking about anyone who was Ndebele was a dissident. Chii Chinonzi dissident? Dissident Mundeere, was the overly revised and repeated answer. A price was given to the one who shouted Mundeere first.   

Let me remind all of us and the world at large what happened in Matabeleland and Midlands between the year 1981 and 1987: women and young girls were raped, gang raped, children were murdered equally, and each every man in Matabeleland and Midlands was a dissident and when caught, was killed:  They burnt  victims alive, forcing villagers to dig their own graves and bury them alive, trucking and burying victims alive in mine shafts, the use of any object to break the victims skull, parading victims and shooting them before a forced audience, which is then butchered in similar fashion in turn lining victims in a single line, one behind the other facing one direction, and firing gunshots at the back of one victim's head so that victims are killed simultaneously with a single bullet, torturing victims brutally and slowly until they died, forcing victims to lie down on their backs staring into the sun and denying them water and food.

Amputating victims hands and legs with axes and others bayoneted to see how the fetus of a Ndebele so-called dissident looked like in its mother's womb and then watching these women bleed to death., starving of victims of food and water until they died in various notorious detention camps and also under the imposed chilling curfew which closed down shops and restricted virtually all movement. Kidnappings and disappearances where people were taken from their homes from the streets, from schools and offices, from buses and trains and, also taken while grazing their livestock in the forests, and from many other places and were never seen alive or dead again, gang raping of women and girls was the order of the day.

What happened those days of Gukurahundi is exactly what is happening more to the people of Mashonaland today. How were Mamombe MDC-Alliance young women treated when they were abducted? Until today, they dispute it to have abducted them. Dzamara vanished to the point of no return. Its Mnangagwa and his killing machinery who know the remains of Itai Dzamara whereabouts. It is not so much the trauma of torture these abducted MDC-Alliance women endured but to deny any responsibility in abducting them is typical Zanu PF tactics we all know. Zanu uses shock tactics to inflict fear on its citizens. Tawanda Mathuthu the nephew of former Chronicle editor: Mduduzi Mathuthu was tortured and badly brutalized, could hardly ever stand on his two feet at his trial. His political sin is that he is a relative of the dissenting voice that is openly against Mnangagwa and his government of Zanu PF.

Prominent women like Tsitsi Dangarembga, Fadzai Mahere have been incarcerated in the 31st lockdown. Those were warning signs given to them: "don't dare, it can be worse." What is happening today in Mashonaland, we the people of Matabeleland we know it all as far back as 40 years ago. Some people of Matabeleland who survived genocide are in the Diaspora, never came back to Zimbabwe. The region of Matabeleland and Midlands are still suffering from the genocide trauma of 40 years because systemic and structural violence that reproduced social and economic marginalization and underdevelopment of this region still exists.

When we are told that Perrance Shiri repented from the genocide atrocities he committed in Matabeleland, we wonder which court of justice did he confess to. What we know is that Perrance Shiri met General Dumiso Dabengwa on several occasions and these issues were discussed. It should never confuse anyone that what they discussed holding those gin-and-tonic glasses between the two arm generals should never be seen and understood as Shiri to have repentance from genocide atrocities by any stretch of anyone's imagination. We are talking about the loss of lives of thousands of innocent civilians who perished from genocide purges. These are serious crimes that are dealt with at the ICC in the Haig and never on drinking sessions sun-downing. With due respect on General Dabengwa, he has no right to table such crimes of genocide nature.
It becomes exceedingly difficult for the peoples of Matabeleland region to be part of demonstrations to remove Zanu PF from power. Firstly, we never voted for Zanu PF in the first place. We have never voted for Zanu PF ever. MDC-Alliance got most of the votes in the harmonized elections because it was sure Matabeleland vote was a game-changer. We have seen how Chamisa's MDC-alliance has abused our vote to favor the peoples of his region. In most rallies, Chamisa talks English and Shona disregarding the Ndebele language and again it appears the Ndebele people are deputies in all positions of power. It is food for thought - how the peoples of this region will be part to disengage the Zanu from power if their future political position is not clear in the first place.

This article is to warn the people of Mashonaland once more about the dangers of putting Chamisa into power. Chamisa is as dangerous as Robert Mugabe if not worse. Chamisa shows all signs of a dictator, he has scant knowledge of law, curiously he is a lawyer. He is concerned about himself first and foremost. Chamisa is corrupt through and through and a tribalist: if he was given power, this country will be yet in another political quagmire for 40 years. We shall dead then: not be able to say we told you so. Nkomo warned the people of Mashonaland about the mistake of voting on tribal lines, people did not listen, instead they demanded that Nkomo should be publicly hanged. Nkomo left new Zimbabwe, running for his dear life wearing a dress. The people of Mashonaland had their laugh and shouted loud; get the cobra out of the house and cut the head!! This monster called Zanu PF is the making of the peoples of Mashonaland. Zanu was never supposed to be on power.

This country needs technocrats and not politicians. This country needs the caliber of Dr. Nkosana Moyo whose knowledge of mathematics can uplift this country from this mess we are in. Dr. Nkosana Moyo has no sound politics, a political idiot to say the least. But his expert knowledge how to fix this nation, he has sound answers. His election manifesto was eloquently done to comprehend. We need to respect that in him and never his poor politics. There are several other technocrats that he can assemble and save us from the country's collapse. Tsitsi Dangarembga is underutilized, we have Moses Chamboko, Collen Ncube in Bulawayo, Rudo Gaidzanwa in Harare, Zandile Matiwaza in the Diaspora, they are many of them.  Let us tell ourselves that we do not have a perfect young leader to take the country to a higher level now. Nkosana Moyo is the best we have right now. Food for thought!           

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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