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Peace begins with you

by Tincuts
07 Aug 2020 at 18:12hrs | Views
Each and every call for the phantom demos leaves Zimbabweans more poorer and our economy much closer to the 'black hole'. The only people that remain smiling from ear to ear are the ones calling for shut-down-Zimbabwe after receiving their bloody money from the country's detractors.

Ours is an in-house problem that can be amicably solved as brethren of the same house of stones, Dzimbahwe. If it's corruption point it out, V11's on the ready and the no nonsense ZRP will get them to you-know-where.

Also, if it's someone with bright ideas to put the economy back on the tracks, then Bravo! Come forward and table the magic wand that can turn Zimbabwe into the Switzerland of Africa. Why globe trot inviting witches to bewitch the motherland?

Why cry wolf at the drop of a pin when it's your brother trying talking to you? Leaders reach out to each other for peaceful sorting out of the grey areas. No politics is too big and no problem is insurmountable.

Zimbabwe is our home, let peace abide here. Our people need peace, the late great man would say 'Peace begins with you'. We have got rich soils, good climate and a hard working people, poverty can not be our middle name.

On developmental projects, Chinehasha Irrigation Scheme in Mash. Central is moving at a snail's pace, I appeal to the authorities to get the ball rolling. The plague is still causing misery and great suffering, mask up and stay safe.

Observe social distancing and avoid being a rolling stone. Our issue with the west remains the land issue, too hot too handle yet too good to leave.

Tincuts . Chinehasha.

Source - Tincuts
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