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Mnangagwa and Zanu PF-Vampires on the hunt, once again

04 Aug 2020 at 15:27hrs | Views
Mnangagwa's attempt at a speech this morning is a sobering reminder of what a bloodthirsty vampire-like cult ZANU PF is.  

It is a retell of the popular folktale story in which the hyena, intent on eating its offspring, accused them of smelling like goats.

The chilling utterances, largely empty on alternatives to the country's problems of a dilapidated healthcare infrastructure in the face of corona world pandemic, the economy in comatose, rights abuses and the humanitarian crisis we face, remind us of the same as  made by his predecessor just before the deployment of the 5th Brigade in Midlands and Matebeleland to crush what was termed dissidents  working with external forces to destabilise a newly independent Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe, with Emerson Mnangagwa heading the secret service, unleashed the 5th  Brigade to wipe out ZAPU, ZPRA and other perceived antagonists in an operation code named Gukurahundi.

A leopard does not lose its spots.

Earlier today,  Mnangagwa, in a televised address made mention of existence of dark forces and terrorist organisations that are on a mission to destabilize the country.

This statement comes as a  chilling reminder of the genocide that claimed more than 20 000 lives under the guise of weeding out the so called ZAPU "dissident" elements, an operation that in result turned into a tribal genocide on predominantly Ndebele people of Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa is one of the surviving chief architects of the Gukurahundi  atrocities, together with the likes of Sydney Sekeramayi and his deputy Constantine Chiwenga.

As such, his reckless sounding statement should be taken with serious consideration.

All opposition political parties and civic activists deemed as anti government have been  classified as forces of destabilisation and we should brace for an iron fisted crush of the perceived threat to ZANU rule, which is riddled with gross human rights violations, outright military tyranny and economic bankruptcy since 1980.

The same modus operandi similar to the one employed by the 5th Brigade under the command of the late Perrence Shiri and Mnangagwa in charge of State Security is sure to follow hot on the heels of Mnangagwa's accusations this morning.

A chilling reminder of abductions, sexual abuses, agonizing curfews, physical tortures, beatings and mass murders of the 1980s was the intention of Mnangagwa's address today.

The accusations of terrorism and destabilisation of the country carry the propensity to culminate  in a state sponsored orgy of violence against opposition and citizens, with  wanton behaviour within the security apparatus, just as happened during Gukurahundi. No need to mention the impunity that is sure to accompany such.

The line has been drawn. The Zimbabwean government, led by Emerson Mnangagwa is at war with it's own citizens. It is up to the international community, beginning with SADC, AU as well as the UN whether to continue looking aside as in 1982 to 1987 or condemn and isolate the Zimbabwean regine for it's murderous tendencies.

Iphithule Maphosa
National Spokesperson

Source - Iphithule Maphosa
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