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'Mthwakazi nation, not mourning the Zimbabwean terrorist Perrence Shiri'

29 Jul 2020 at 19:57hrs | Views
Today Zimbabwe happens to be grieving after the sudden death through the deadly Corona Virus, of the so-called "Black Jesus" of the 1980s. A self-proclaimed 'Jesus' figure during the 5th brigade operations against the people of Matabeleland and Midlands.

Perrence Shiri follows his mentor and butcherer of our People and Gukurahundist Robert Mugabe whom we saw being celebrated in his death as an icon among the people of Zimbabwe while tears are still the daily food for the  Gukurahundi survivors in Matabeleland and Midlands.

These Gukurahundist leaders are still the face of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans continue to celebrate them despite their ugly and ferocious history against humanity.

It is an unfortunate thing that Zimbabwe has long-delayed justice for the Gukurahundi atrocities against the people of Matabeleland and Midlands and such culprits as Perrence Shiri, Robert Mugabe and many others who were involved are dying without facing justice, not to say, they will not even apologize for such evils they perpetrated against humanity while they are still alive. A good example is Emerson Mnangagwa, who was the state security and the man behind all the dirty work that was commanded by Perence Shiri in his capacity as the commander of the 5th brigade all shona squad that left a trail of destruction around Mthwakazi nation.

Emerson Mnangagwa proudly says in his current capacity as the imposed President of Zimbabwe, 'Let bygones be bygones". What a shame because he and his friends, the likes of Sydney Sekeramayi and the current Vice president of Zimbabwe Constantine Chiwenga have cases pending for them in the judgement bar of the International Court of justice. They are busy using the offices of government as a decoy to escape justice.

Though death is an equalizer, it should remain a known fact that the over 50000 souls who were killed mercilessly during the 1983-87 atrocities which the perpetrators of the same call 'disturbances' to sanitize it or 'a moment of madness' as said by Robert Mugabe are crying for justice. The evils will haunt Zimbabwe forever as the issue remains unresolved.

Matabeleland needs a cleansing and nothing will ever normalize in Zimbabwe. The dark cloud will continue to haunt the families of all these perpetrators of evil and their generations to come. We all will live to witness this, this shall continue and haunt even the tribe of Mashonaland as this was done and continues to be done collectively by the same ethnic group through diverse and varied ways that seek to exterminate all the people of Mthwakazi.

Mnangagwa as currently sitting on that throne of blood must fully understand that the people of Matabeleland and Midlands are finally giving up and are asking to be separated from Zimbabwe. This follows a letter that was written by the President of Mthwakazi Republic Party Mqondisi Moyo to Emerson Mnangagwa, that was clearly stating that we want out of this country.

To all the Zimbabwean Community, when I say Zimbabwe I mean all of Mashonaland, we await to read and see your comments about this Perrence Shiri. We await to hear how you will death praise this fallen snake and the kind of burial you will accord him. This should tell the world around as to what you think of the people of Mthwakazi.

We call upon all the people of Mthwakazi and all institutions within Mthwakazi to offer no respect whatsoever to this man who commanded the 5th brigade that massacred our people. Say no to any calls to give respect whatsoever. Tear off the Zimbabwean flags instead of the half-mast flying call.

This is not a time for us to mourn, it is not a time to celebrate but a time to defy, flout this evil. Let's honour the souls crying for justice by doing the strange things never done, tear away the Zimbabwean flag within Mthwakazi territories.

We won't respect the man who bayoneted, tortured, maimed, raped and killed even innocent unborn babies. This Perrence Shiri commanded the destruction of the future and the dream of our people. He commanded a wiping away of a nation.

-A detailed case study from the MRP National Secretary for Justice & Reconciliation regarding the Gukurahundi issue and the continued death of the perpetrators and the delay of justice shall be following soon.

Let God judge this wicked nation called Zimbabwe!!

Let all the victims of Gukurahundi rest in eternal peace.

For Peace and Justice in Our lifetime

Velile D Moyo
National Secretary of Information & Publicity (MRP)

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