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Hospital still 'urging for mandatory covid-19 testing' - we must hold Zanu PF to account for this

27 Jul 2020 at 20:08hrs | Views
Detail matter! Zanu PF has committed murder, literally and metaphorically, again and again but has got away with it time and time again because the Zimbabwean people have either failed to notice, which has happened all too often, or did not have the courage and foresight to hold the regime to account.

"For the period 9 June 2020 when the centre opened up to 25 July 2020, 60 Covid-19 positive patients have been admitted," authorities at Parirenyatwa Hospital have said, according to a New Zimbabwe report.

"For the period under review, 70 staff members have tested positive for Covid-19, of which 64 are from non-Covid-19 areas while 6 work directly in the Covid Centre."

Authorities have been "urging for the mandatory testing of all patients for the dreaded disease before admission into the government health facility."

The need to test all patients, diseased and frontline workers of coronavirus infection is central in the fight to contain the virus. "Test, trace and track!" the World Health Organisation has advised again and again and again ever since the declaration of covid-19 as a pandemic. It therefore beggars belief that even this late in the covid-19 storm even Zimbabwe's principal referral hospitals are not carrying out even the most basic screening tests.
Health professionals are having to urge the powers that be to make testing mandatory! Meanwhile 64 health care workers  assigned to non-covid-19 areas have test positive of the dread virus (God only knows how many patients in the non-covid-19 area have the virus too); making a mockery of segregation.  

"We have recorded 8 deaths out of 60 patents who were admitted in the red zone," continues the Hospital statement.

"Of the bodies that were brought in dead, 13 tested positive for Covid-19."

According to the Ministry of Health and Child Care Zimbabwe has had a total of 34 corona virus deaths and yet Parirenyatwa Hospital alone has had 21 covid-19 deaths. There is no doubt that the officials are under reporting the corona virus cases and deaths!

There is heavy human traffic between Zimbabwe and South Africa and hence it is no surprise that most of the reported covid-19 cases in Zimbabwe are returnees from SA. And so the real, as contrast to the contrived official, number of covid-19 cases in Zimbabwe will ¼ of that of SA (given Zimbabwe's population is ¼ that of SA).

According to the John Hopkins report SA has 445 433 confirmed cases and 6 769 death. Zimbabwe real figure should be 111 000 cases and 1 600 deaths compared to the contrived official figure of 2 512 cases and 34 deaths.

There is no doubt that by under reporting the corona virus cases many, many people will get the virus and many will die because they did not know the prevalence of the virus and so never took any precaution. And, worst of all, they were deliberately kept in the dark because the powers that be did not test, trace and track as aggressively as they should have done and has under reported the cases.

Of course, this Zanu PF government has deliberately under reported the seriousness of the covid-19 virus in Zimbabwe to earn itself brownie points as having contained the virus. The real covid-19 figures which are emerging, there must be a full judiciary inquiry to establish the full story, shows that blundering attempt to hide the truth has only helped the corona virus spread.

The number of corona virus cases and deaths have been steadily rising these last three weeks, the virus storm has just broken and the worst is yet to come. Parirenyatwa Hospital management's demand for mandatory testing still makes a lot of sense, careful screening is required now more than ever before.

It is for us, the people, to hold this Zanu PF regime to account for failing to make covid-19 testing, tracing and tracking mandatory and to demand that testing is mandatory from now on. How well or badly Zimbabwe performs throughout these difficult covid-19 times will depend on how well we, the people, respond to the challenge of good governance and to paying attention to detail of what is happening.   

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