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A selfish proliteriate, a voracious educated elite and a rapacious ruling class - The opiate numbing Zimbabwe

26 Jul 2020 at 23:10hrs | Views
Wrote in 1943, Karl Marx's celebrated dictum, "religion is the opium of the people," entered popular lexicon and according to Rosie Blau ,still resonates with 4,5 billion people the world over who identify with one of the 4 biggest religions,thus affecting lives across nations and the diverse - variegated political divide too.

Whilst opium consumption may temporarily reduce blood pressure, it may affect the levels of total cholesterol, increasing blood glucose and most of blood lipids, synapses are blocked and hallucinations combined with a myriad of cardiovascular adverse effects may eventually result in mortality.

Zimbabwe is a nation at crossroads ,thanks to an increasingly individualized workforce, an excessively greedy,easy to prostitute mis/educated elite who can sing for their supper just by a wavering of a few ruling party freebies and a predatory government that thrives on preying then devouring an over suffocated povo drowning, not waving - gasping for dear breath.

"Zanu PF...makes no apologies for the government interventions in the various sectors of the economy including the Farm mechanization Programme...",Acting Secretary for Information and Publicity and Party Spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa thundered!

Whoa right there Sir! Nobody asked either you or your kith and kindred to.That expectation is a virtue way beyond the regime. The ruling elite is full of beans since you all forgot how to keep your nose clean ages ago.

Though the intention of the mechanisation programme was superb, it is the reckless, callous and corrupt fashion it got executed that is murderous insensitive. The crass arrogance and terd intransigence in seeking to justify the thievery and looting stinks to high hell. Worse is the passing off to the taxpayer the debt in a clearly senile, bull overload endowed with less of everything essential to sanity. How did our leaders become so heartless to sell the country down the river this way?

But what was the road again by which our nation's tops turvy conundrum sprang? How did we end up accepting being overfed with that part of history which tells all and sundry of the military achievements which birthed the great nation,spiced with the 'sovereignty' mantra which is a theme too familiar to the citizenry yet accept being muzzled from conversations about how those of us in the vigour of life have had our prime wasted.This discourse comrades, is the subject to which the whole assemblage,citizens or foreigners may need deliberate now with advantage.Corruption and patronage did more damage than sanctions,the bizarre extravagance,love for avarice,distasteful splurge of public resources,bad governance,poor leadership,the corruption of elites and the nauseating gullibility of the masses needs no paneygric...Comrades,we are on our own!

Zimbabwe's economic weaknesses are unsustainable.The nation risks sliding into a violent political meltdown as its economic wheels come off with a clearly jittery Chris Mutsvangwa,Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association(ZNLWVA) Chairperson recently threatening the would be 31 July protesters that no amount of noise making would break the determination and boldness of the country's leadership. Government suppression of fundamental freedom continues,past crises have resulted in a massive number of refugees who have had to weather terrible xenophobia attacks whilst burdening its neighbors at that.Evident is an unpopular government lashing out because it fears it's own people, else why would Chin'ono and Ngarivhume be arrested for inciting public violence...which violence ?

Any prize for guessing why United Nations Human Rights Commission spokesperson Liz Throssell retorted,"Merely calling for a peaceful protest or participating in a peaceful protest are an exercise of recognized human rights."Givemore Chipere opinionated that unpopular regimes always fear their own people.They are afraid of losing control hence the ruthless use of brute force.The regime is targeting trade unionists, civil society,church leaders like Shingi Munyeza and Apostle T.F Chiwenga,opposition leaders and journalists.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has clearly shown himself incapable of jettisoning the state centrist,rent-seeking predilections of his predecessor.Robert Rotberg in October 2018 noted that Zimbabwe is collapsing and Mnangagwa can't stop it."Profligate spending,immense debt pile up,colossal corruption and a ravaging of the country's once immensely productive agricultural sector have taken its toll".Couple that with "One Michael Cassio,a Florentine,a fellow...that never set a squadron in the field..." with,"...bookish rhetoric..." holding the national purse whilst blundering from pillar to post as Minister of Finance.Zimbabwe's economy remains as weak and vulnerable to potential shocks much like its bondnote and a precipitation of political instability can only be imminent.

Why do one moment brave critics of wrongly implemented policy prevaricate their political stances from time to time,our learned doctors and professors,opposition figures who make noise on corruption but still stand as lawyers for corrupt officials.What's the lemon trait in them? Among Murwira quotes Higher and Tertiary Minister speaking at a Zanu PF meeting in Masvingo on 7 February 2020."We should note that every person born of a woman is born ignorant,but not foolish or stupid.So where does stupidity or foolishness come from...Our ancestors never learned English,but we have our Great Zimbabwe monument.That kind of Engineering remains a marvel to date..."

For all our very high literacy rate in Africa and the world that we so eloquently boast of to anyone who cares to listen,Zimbabweans remain surprisingly gullible and foolish indeed.Fools come from the mis/education system.We look down upon other nationals whom we chide of not being eloquent and as learned yet they handle crisis in their countries better compared to us who flee it or learn to live with it.

The Minister unapologetically and bluntly goes on to say that our education system is teaching people to read and write ,but is doing little to teach us think.This is why you see a lot of people creating whatsapp group's,write flamboyant articles and analyze social and political events flawlessly,fighting on Facebook and Twitter because they mastered the skill of writing and reading,but not thinking.This is a painful truth.In 1962,the colonial government had an inquiry into its education system where it came up with "African Education only" mearnt to "brainwash" natives and is still in use today.The Nziramasanga Commission report - a diagnosis of the problem affecting the local education sector-has largely been ignored because some bourgeois up the ruling class is benefiting from the stupidity injected into our veins by the education system,making hay while the sun shines,plundering the nation's resources.

Most Zimbabweans have accepted their situation.The blame game is just diversion from the real truth.We queue for cash the whole day and sleep in fuel queues the whole night only to fail to find it when we are so close to the finish.We are shortchanged all week long,hang our heads down in exasperation and shame then head home.We queue for everything essential whilst the Mafia type cartels control the petrol ,transport market and all else.

Thereis no medication in hospitals and Mnangagwa, Chamisa or Mwonzora's wives never give birth in our local hospitals.The political elite donot sleep hungry, yet us povo allow ourselves be divided and used to be dumped again and again for just a 2 litre of opaque beer.We are slaves in our own nation and we seem to always find a way to live with it and find other means than just face it head on like a Santana waving a red flag in front of a raging Spanish bull.We get comforted by false prophets who tell us either Mnangagwa or Chamisa are Godly ordained to lead us then resign ourselves to fate with time fast flying by.

Thereis no period of time we haven't been brutalized.It is clear that "All animals are equal,but some animals are more equal than others." Even in South Africa, Zimbabweans are fearful of speaking out.During the a forum #Unite Behind,on 20 August 2019 at Central Methodist Church a report notes one 30year old Zimbabwean man who alluded to the reality that people were too scared to attend such meetings in fear of spies whom he knew had tortured and intimidated students at the University of Zimbabwe,the Chipangano youths in Mbare and government intelligence agents causing mayhem.all over Zimbabwe.He pointed out that the Government monitors even the social media.

We are a fearful people not for no reason.The 1970s saw the Rhodesian army and guerillas committing heinous abuses against civilians.The early 80s witnessed counterinsurgency operations against 'dissident ' ex-guerrilla fighters that left at least 10 000 civilians dead and many displaced.Since 1999,every election has seen tortures, abductions, rapigs and killings.Ending impunity, abuses is what us as a citizenry need to demand by standing up to partisan, biased leadership then demand accountability too.Genuine efforts to investigate, discipline or prosecute perpetrators of abuse,individuals still walking scott free should be a good starting point. A generation whose bravery must serve the nation where justice must prevail ought to rise. Till we rise Comrades...That's Pizzazz !
Evangelist Sendekai W.T

Source - Evangelist Sendekai W.T
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