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We have Epsteins and Ghislaine in homes: capital punishment is befitting to paedophiles!!

18 Jul 2020 at 18:31hrs | Views
Last week, we saw how Virginia Giuffre-Roberts got her last laugh. At last the notorious Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested by the FBI for counts of perjury and recruiting under-aged girls for prostitution. According to USA media Ghislaine Maxwell's charges relate to years of "assisted, facilitated, and contributed to Jeffrey Epstein's abuse of minor girls by, among other things, helping Epstein to recruit, groom and ultimately abuse victims known to Maxwell and Epstein to be under the age of 18" Our greatest consolation is that Virginia's ordeal is believed and has global support in condemning Prince Andrew, the second son of the Queen Elizabeth the Second for abusing an under-aged girl coming from a poor home background.
It is not a secret that I passionately dislike the ruling government of Zanu PF. But if I was asked; name one positive thing you find in Zanu PF and the government, I will immediately talk about how the ZRP police treat paedophiles if they are caught. However: the number of under-aged girls who are abused by fathers, uncles, brothers, nephews, strangers, extended family units are big and very few cases come to light because of societal culture of silence.  Paedophiles know how difficult it is for a girl to report sex done on her, they use the culture of silence to their advantage.

You need to follow Zimbabwe social media on daily basis to get the gravity and sadness of our decaying social fabric. Yesterday, Bulawayo24 was reporting a case of an under-aged girl abused by his stepbrother. At night she discovered her stepbrother was having sex acts on her and she screamed for help. Today the same social media Bulawayo24 was reporting a paedophile Moses Jimu of Major Brown Farm in Bindura who was sentenced for 16 years in prison, was caught red-handed raping a 12-year-old girl from the neighbourhood.

Most men calculative target girls and young women because of their own deficiencies in physical sex acts. Young girls do not know whether the sexual act was successful or not, but they are conscious of painful sexual acts and unwanted pregnancies. Men would prefer such youthful inability to judge if he performed adequately or not, the man is the main actor with a minor: he is not judged. Men do not want mature women because they will easily recognize their failures, it is THE failure that can reduce an African man to shame if he is talked about as having failed that part. 

Again, sex in our Zimbabwean societies are men's pleasure and not the woman; most men do not even conceal their infidelity because they think they are entitled to multiple sex affairs to prove he is a man. Men practise their sexual acts on girls to get the expertise and show-off to their married wives at their married bedrooms. It is easy for men to force young girls to perform oral sex on him if he did not physically manage sex acts. It is easy to force growing up girls to watch pornographic material as preparation for sex. Young girls are disposables and are subjected to rough and painful anal sex intercourse in some cases. When they tell us anal sexual intercourse is Caucasian practices, we wonder which planet they come from.  

In China paedophiles receive capital punishment by firing squad and rightly so. I strongly believe capital punishment should be abolished globally with exception of paedophiles who deserve capital punishment. Nobody can truly justify lean sentences less than firing squads on men who pleasure themselves in babies' vaginal carnal. Nobody can understand the thought processes of paedophiles who abuse babies and toddlers to cure themselves from HIV/AIDS. These are daily sex related crimes that take place in Zimbabwe: I strongly believe something greater than thunder must be done to curb this scourge. Sexual abuse, rape and exploitation on babies, toddlers, girls, and young women are heinous crime against humanity that deserves capital punishment as such.

Nobody can understand the thought processes of women who give their toddlers to perverse men for sex: like is the case of a woman in Matabeleland who gave five-year-old daughter to Malayitsha for sex. The dirty minded woman held the hands of her daughter so that the man can freely pleasure himself to the toddler. The crying of girls during sex act is what arouses and pleasures paedophiles in sex with them. In this case, the womb of the toddler ruptured, she had to get hospital treatment. The medical examination reported the case as "penis penetration that damaged the womb of the child".!!! Such like cases qualify death sentences. This woman is our "Ghislaine" we are talking about we did not need to go faraway places to realize what happened in USA is taking place in Zimbabwe and sometimes in our posh and elite homes. 

Thousands cases of rape case are not reported in Zimbabwe because some of the victims are silenced by relatives "never report a relative", the brother, the father or uncle. Wake up in the morning and start reading Zimbabwe social media houses, it is the shock we get when we realize the girls are given sweets, wild fruits, biscuits, and several other silly items to buy their silence. Some are taken for a treat at fast food corners in towns; are given pizzas and ice-cream to buy their silence, but because they are young, they do not know the long-term effects of rape and health effects relating to sexually transmitted diseases.  

The girls in rural areas are the most vulnerable especially because they live with relatives: grandmothers and other extended families. Their parents are either in the Diaspora or they died. The poverty and destitution in their lives expose them to perverse men, hunt for them at growth points and boreholes where they get water for domestic use at homes.

Jeffrey Epstein died in prison in mysterious circumstances. Whether he committed suicide or was killed to put him to silence, the FBI has Ghislaine who will be able to tell it all, who from the global rich men pleasured themselves with under-aged carnal of vulnerable girls. The fear that she will be murdered to conceal criminal cases with her lover Epstein is great. If Ghislaine was prosecuted and receive a lifelong sentence, her case is globally going to send a stark warning to "gentlemen and the rich" that young growing girls are to be respected and never be abused and exploited. These rich perverse men should be able to see poor girls as their own children who deserve respect, just like their own daughters, irrespective of their poor social status.
We are indeed relieved to know that paedophiles of the likes of Kereke are still languishing in prison. However, the grey area is big, girls and young women are not reporting criminal cases to the police. We must teach our girls to talk about their life encounters with twisted men out there who will corrupt them with freebies for sex. The STDs, HIV/AIDS sexual related cases in Zimbabwe is extremely high. It is strange that it does not scare men to have multiple sexual encounters, when they are condemned of HIV/AIDS they think they can sexually pass on the incurable disease on growing up children.

Educated and "civilized" societies like our Zimbabwe should know that you cannot cure HIV/AIDS by sexually abusing virgins whereby they think the HIV/AIDS disease will flow from men's semen to the girl's vagina and they are cured after the sexual act. If they are not, they will seek another victim who is a virgin, the same old story: the girl is sexually abused at the same time is infected with HIV/AIDS.  A man can chase to about five to six virgin girls before he realizes that he cannot cure his disease anyway. To think that a man can cure HIV/AIDS by bedding virgins is absolute ignorance of the highest order and criminal acts no less. This is how HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe spreads exponentially. We cannot appeal to their consciences because apparently, they do not have. 

This is another case where death sentence is appropriate. Men prefer prostitutes, those red light are attractive to men who will engage with several prostitutes some with multiple sexual diseases. Babies, toddlers, and young girls pay the highest price: they are evaginated first and then are left with incurable diseases at their tender age to suffer the rest of their lives. I am sure you are with me when I pray that death sentences should be given to paedophiles only and no other criminal cases. Rape cases of minors are prevalent because most cases are not reported in Zimbabwe.

Girls in Zimbabwe are not rated as fully human beings and it is for this reason that babies, toddlers, and girls are not given status and recognition and protection as boy-children. In some cases reporting rape cases is daunting for the growing up girls because there is 90% chance that the girl will be victimized and not believed. Sex in our societies is shameful to talk about it is for this reason girls and young women would rather they are silent and suffer silently. Again women are supposed to be silent and never talk in our societies. You are not a well brought-up woman or girl if you talk. A woman is not mature if she blows a whistle and tell it that there is a paedophile in the home: a black mamba that bites growing up girl-children; pleasures in carnal knowledge of girls as old as ten and 11 years old. He buys their silence with pizzas and ice-cream from Nando. Again let us teach our girl-child to talk about such issues that affect their health, one of them is rape.
Source - Nomazulu Thata
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