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Was Chamisa punished for belittling Mbuya Nehanda? stranger than fiction

07 Jul 2020 at 21:55hrs | Views
Last week the disputed president of the MDC A belittled Mbuya Nehanda. In his response the erection of a statute in honour of Mbuya Nehanda Chmisa said Mbuya Nehanda was not an important person and as such she does not deserve our respects. He went further to castigate President Mnangagwa for honouring the dead as Chamisa does not respect the dead.

After belittling Mbya Nehand Chamisa lost his mother soon after insulting the first Chimurenga heroine and the spirit behind the second Chimurengs.

This has sparked a debate whether spirits can curse you or not. Christians do not believe in the dead and they are powered by the bible which is clear on the state of the dead. The dead biblically are sleeping and they have no further part to play in the world of the living. No one knows what happens after death.

The scientists have not brought up an explanation of what happens when ta person dies. They have studies which only ends at the end of life  Christians on the hand are in a confusing state. Some believe that if you die you will go to heaven while the bible clearly teaches that the dead knows nothing for, they are dead. The bible further teaches that once you die you will lie in waiting for the second coming of Christ. So, if the dead knows nothing whose spirit cursed Chamisa's mother or Chamisa himself. Did Chamisa kill his own mother by insulting the spirits of Mbuya Nehanda. Was Chamisa cursed by the fighting spirits of Mbuya Nehanda.

In early August 2019, Prisca Mupfumira was fired from her position as minister of Tourism and Hospitality. Mupfumira had just returned home from the United Kingdom where she had accompanied the Zimbabwe World Cup Netball team to Liverpool. She became the first cabinet minister to be arrested by the Emmerson Mnangagwa government after its stated objective to fight corruption.

On 26 July 2019 Mupfumira appeared in court where she was charged with the corruption allegations:

Senetor Mupfumira is now living in perilous days. Could it be that she has opened the door and removed her protection
Muofumira's predicaments which are precarious comes after she refused to take a leading role in the repatriation of Mbuya Nehanda's bones to Zimbabwe. As she was the minister of Tourism she clearly refused to facilitate the repatriation of these bones.
Never was such an opportunity given to a lady. The timing was right and the job was just almost finished.

in a trail of emails Mupfumira trivialised the noble work of bringing the bones back home. The royal task rested on her shoulders but she chose the devil and bluntly rubbishes the great work. Her arrogance is the same with the arrogance displayed by Chamisa
Speaking to the Zimbabwean Traditional healers in UK Mr Tawanda Chinamora bemoaned the utter ignorance most Zimbabweans have when it comes to this repatriation issue.

commenting on the statement by Chamisa Mhofu Chibwe from Luton said,
"I honestly believe that we must cry out and repent as a nation.  It is a shame that those given the opportunity to govern us are not inclined to bring back the bones. Our heroes are in a museum and yet we claim to be honouring the heroes. As for Chamisa it's only those in the cold soils who will deal with his errant words. He is a young boy and I pray for his forgiveness."  " Zimbabwe is having problems now because no one cares about the fallen heroes.  Besides the rhetoric Zimbabwe is not lifting a finger to claim the remains of our ancestors. Can you imagine a country which is 40 years old, fought a bitter war but have done nothing to claim the remains of their heroes."  Zimbabwe will remain cursed as long as the remains are in a museum in the UK. Our ancestors are a source of ridicule how do you expect the country to prosper. And Chamisa has learnt it first-hand and he will not talk bad about Mbuya Nehanda again.

We might take this as a joke. We might apply our religious beliefs and undermine our roots. We might consider our borrowed Christian values as superior than our culture, but it is us who will suffer.

All those failing and refusing to assist Mbuya Nehanda is looking.  Nehanda said a century ago that her bones will rise. You can imagine how the colonialists laughed and declared her pagan. But sure to her word the bones rose again. Now she will be cursing those refusing to honour her.

Chamisa got her deal fast this will be the same for those throwing spanners in the work.  
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.
Zimbabwe has been blessed in miraculous ways but now it is time to pay back.
Nevertheless, I believe Zimbabwe will always be protected as long as her people do one thing: repatriate the remains which are being displayed for all to see our own humiliation.

The administration which sided with any procrastination in repatriation it must know on that day they had opened the floodgates of destruction upon Zimbabwe and upon themselves.

This betrayal of the ancestors is a major mistake. Our hope was that with the new administration, we, as a nation, would wake up to this terrible mistake. much calamity has come to Zimbabwe when we have been on the wrong side of past.
Our hope is that Zimbabwe is once again on the side of Its heroes. If not, we are in deeper trouble.

Zimbabwe must arise and make its voices known like never before.
What has happened to Mupfumira is a lesson to all those in the position of power the ambassador Katsande included that it is not your belief, but it is the reality. Shame on us as a nation.  We must repatriate our heroes now not tomorrow.

Roberto Calderoli an Italian senator claims he has been cursed by African spirits in revenge for a racist slur.

He now is seeking an exorcist after being "cursed" by evil African spirits in revenge for calling Italy's first black minister an orangutan. Roberto Calderoli, the deputy speaker of Italy's Senate, was widely condemned after comparing Cecile Kyenge, the former integration minister, to an ape. He later claimed he was a "misunderstood animal lover" and refused to resign. But that explanation failed to convince the prosecutor of Bergamo, who ordered him to stand trial for defamation aggravated by racial discrimination. After a spate of bad luck - including undergoing six operations, losing his mother and finding a 6ft snake in his house - Calderoli told the weekly gossip magazine, Oggi, that African spirits have plotted against him in revenge for the insult. He is now calling on the help of an exorcist.

"Maybe I should put an ad in a newspaper or call Bergoglio (Pope Francis), if he's not too busy accommodating immigrants in our country, but I absolutely need to find an exorcist," he said. Calderoli said the string of bad luck started after a video emerged of Kyenge's father, Clement Kikoko Kyenge, leading a ceremony in a village in Democratic Republic of Congo last year during which he asked God to free the politician of evil thoughts. A photo of Calderoli was also placed in the middle of a termite mound as Mr Kyenge asked ancestors of the village to do the same.

"I've never been superstitious but after this, things started happening more and more," Calderoli said. He also claimed to have suffered two broken fingers and two broken vertebrae as a result of the curse. A lucky charm in the shape of a red chilli pepper given to him by friends in an attempt to ward off the evil spirits also mysteriously snapped in half a day later, he said.

So, if the spirits of Congo can deal with a senator in Italy how much will Mbuya Nehanda deal with those resisting her decent burial and the honour she deserves. Is this fiction what it is Chamisa Mupfumira and senator Calderoli will tell you a different story.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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