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Mnangagwa graft fight pie in the sky

02 Jul 2020 at 18:26hrs | Views
European Union (EU) ambassador to Zimbabwe Timo Olkkonen's remarks that the EU will not provide budgetary support to Zimbabwe as has happened to other countries to stabilise their economies in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, though not surprising, are sufficient proof that our leaders either do not care or have their heads deep in the sand.

Since the onset of Emmerson Mnangagwa's presidency in November 2017, high level corruption and lack of accountability have become so deeply entrenched that Zimbabweans are no longer shocked at new revelations.

With only a few, inconsequential sacrificial lambs such as former Tourism minister Priscah Mupfumira and Health minister Obadiah Moyo having been led to the proverbial slaughter, the courts, our chances of a serious economic rebound remain a pipe dream.

The ED administration has shown very little appetite to deal with this bug, which has largely been treated with kid gloves, and the latest move by the EU is unlikely to move the Zimbabwean authorities even as the economic crisis in the country deepens amid indications that we are likely to slip back to the 2007-2010 dark era.

Having hoped that the ED administration was going to turn the corner as per its promise and strike a new path that would lead us to a brighter future, it is quite clear that it is now a dream deferred, as the country has failed to break from the past marked by corruption, human rights abuses and fiscal indiscipline.

We appeal to our government, once again, to do some serious soul-searching and put in place policies that will help pull the country out of its current mess. What they have done so far has proved ineffective.

The government must stop the business of seeing economic saboteurs everywhere and confront the elephant in the room - corruption.

If dealing with corruption fails to resolve some of the problems we face as a nation, then perhaps we can start talking about other possible reasons.

This development could be an indication that Finance minister Mthuli Ncube's recent appeal to the World Bank seeking financial aid to stop the bleeding that has caused the failure of the local currency will not find any takers. In the meanwhile, poverty will continue spreading its tentacles, hitting the poor more.

What all this shows is that as long as we do not implement economic reforms, then we are moving in circles. We do not have a defined destination. As it is right now, we seem headed back to 2007 as the vicious cycle continues.

And the fight against corruption will remain a pie in the sky.

Source - newsday
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