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Joshua Nkomo's reason for joining ZANU PF revealed

02 Jul 2020 at 14:12hrs | Views
As we commemorate the death of General Josh, let's get one thing clear Joshua Nkomo and ZAPU did not in 1987 join Zanu PF because it was a good party with good intentions and policies.

They joined Zanu PF to meet Mugabe's condition for him to stop killing ZAPU supporters, both real and perceived, predominantly Ndebele speaking people of Midlands and Matabeleland.

This was after mass murders, torture, agonising curfews, abductions and disappearances spanning five years had ended so many lives in this region.

No champagne was popped when the failed and now defunct Unity Accord was signed. Neither was the pact genuinely negotiated that we can have Zanu PF and tribal hooligans celebrating that Nkomo joined Zanu PF and expecting us to be allegiant to the cultist reactionary party on that account.

We are not fools. Neither are we stupid.

There is nothing of value to us from the Unity Accord and referring to it every time Zanu PF tribalism and marginalisation of people is mentioned is an insult and it should stop.

ZAPU pulled out from the Unity Accord in 2009. No one challenged the pullout legally, constitutionally and even politically.

Our reasons are on record and indisputable.

So Zanu PF morons need to stop associating ZAPU with their looting, corruption, tribalism and murders cult.

Source - ZAPU
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