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Chamisa staggering against the ropes?

21 Jun 2020 at 17:01hrs | Views
IS THE MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa staggering against the ropes?

Chamisa has proved himself time and time again to be on top of the situation yet this time he's on the back foot.

Despite his dire predicament he's still the face of the opposition and very much popular, if ordinary people's comments are anything to go by.

Chamisa said recently that the ball was in President Emmerson Mnangagwa's court to initiate sincere national dialogue to help resolve Zimbabwe's crises.

Chamisa and Mnangagwa have previously said that they were interested in dialogue, although nothing concrete has happened because of differences over how the talks should be held.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference secretary-general, Father Frederick Chiromba said the Church was working on making Zanu-PF and the MDC to find common ground, which would enable meaningful dialogue between their leaders.

However, this piece reproduces abridged perspectives of a Zanu-PF member regarding the MDC. Note that the member will remain nameless for obvious reasons, read on:

Declaring that the MDC Alliance is not a party was a stroke of genius. I doff my hat off at my leaders for masterminding such a move.

It means we are no longer in a cul-de-sac. We can now prop up Thokozani Khupe and at the same time bury Chamisa.

Look, the MDC Alliance is no longer acting like an opposition as a result of our machinations. Some people are now saying it's an opposition opposing itself. We have forced it to lose focus.

Chamisa is now consumed with his battle with Khupe and has abandoned issues of national importance.

The ructions tearing the MDC apart offer a safety valve for Zanu-PF.

Remember, Khupe was declared the interim leader of the MDC after the Supreme Court ruled that Chamisa violated the party's constitution when he rose to the presidency in the aftermath of Morgan Tsvangirai's death in 2018.

The MDC's factional wars between Chamisa and Khupe have escalated, fuelled by a long time passion - beyond the issue of power struggle - to destroy each other. You can't really blame us for that.

We've weakened Chamisa and Khupe, although both may not be aware of this, to the point of near collapse but they still punch each other like boxers battered into stupor. Neither would be satisfied until the other surrenders.

On the other hand Chamisa's power base both in Parliament and in local authorities is now under threat.

Zanu-PF has nudged the Alliance into panic mode. It is racked with divisions, which have less to do with the welfare of Zimbabweans and more to do with power struggles. This shows how good my party is at scheming. Sometimes I wonder if Chamisa himself is not a Zanu-PF project (LAUGHS.)

Recently, MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora was violently confronted by angry youths belonging to another faction. The Alliance was hit by the surprise departure of veteran politicians and former Cabinet ministers Tapiwa Mashakada and Paurina Mpariwa.

Chamisa has also moved to muzzle his loyal associates barring them from speaking to the media bringing him closer to his downfall.

When the dust has settled we are going to tell the whole world, including Sadc and the African Union, that all is well in Zimbabwe. And that Zanu-PF and the main opposition are now in good books. Our friends will help us call for the removal of sanctions.

We'll order Khupe to look at MDC books and find anomalies during Chamisa's reign. He will be taken to court and found guilty of abuse of office and fraud. He'll be thrown behind bars and we'll all live happily ever after - simple and straightforward.

The Alliance must rush back to the drawing board and work night and day in search of a strategy before it's too late to do its part in resolving Zimbabwe crises.

If Chamisa really wants to take part in rescuing Zimbabwe he first needs to revamp and save the Alliance. What he does in the opposition has a direct bearing to his capacity to meet the expectations of Zimbabweans.

Claims that Chamisa's refusal to join the Political Actors Dialogue has hampered much-needed national dialogue to help resolve Zimbabwe's challenges inadvertently hints at his importance.

Source - dailynews
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