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The abduction of the three MDC activists explained.

13 Jun 2020 at 13:46hrs | Views
Surely to their word the police have finished their investigations in the alleged abductions of the three MDC Alliance women leaders. For sometime now the press is awash with the charges and arrests of the three for false rape/abduction   claims. The opposition have used these outrageous accusations to present a case against Zimbabwe by the opposition.  The opposition has always used hoaxes to support their doomed struggle. It is very  fascinating to find out what motivates one person to deceive another and cry abduction.

Quiet surprising is the fact that the loud claims about abductions are coming at a time when the MDC A is facing strong wild turbulences in their camp.  Each case after case which they have mounted has ended in a ruling against them.  

The clear pointer points at extinguishing of the Alliance.

In all this saga MDC A stands to win as they will gain sympathy and attention.  So MDC A has to come up with a fresh one to appeal to their donors and the public at large.  In the case of faked abductions, often the "victim" does it for sympathy or attention; other times the story is given to cover up for illegal or embarrassing behaviour. In many cases, people have reported a vehicle stolen and claimed that a child was also taken so that the police will make the report a priority. Every hour that police waste searching for a person who lied about being abducted is time that could have been spent solving cases and helping victims of real crimes.  those who file false reports are rarely prosecuted, and often they are treated as victims instead of criminals. In most cases the cases are muddled into politics and it makes it difficult to arrest the culprits as they will be mistaken as victims. Furthermore arresting them will be exactly what they will be looking for.

Most opposition leaders score points when arrested. The reason for being arrested will be to portray the government as vindictive oppressive and authoritarian.  This is the worst thing to the country. The real damage done by these hoaxes, is to put the country in a very bad shape to portray the Goverment and country as unsafe. This is another way of sabotage which is done by the opposition. Especially in cases of false reports of rape, victims' advocate groups andrape crisis officials often worry that the faked story will discourage actual victims of sexual assault from coming forward, though there is no evidence that this is true.  Again any actions taken by the international organisations do affect the people in the street not in the office.  Police and the public know that just because one rape or abduction claim turns out tobe false doesn't mean that later claims by different victims are also false, and there seems to be no research or studies demonstrating that police are more likely to doubt real victims (or take their claims less seriously) following the revelation of an earlier hoax. But the reality is that any future complain by the opposition is taken with a pinch of salt.  Who will trust these people again. The anger the opposition are displaying is a sign of a real drama acted by these people.

False reports of abduction may be divided immediately into two categories: self-orchestrated abduction hoaxes and stranger-orchestrated abduction hoaxes. False reports of self-abduction can be observed with a broader range of stimulus and intent. They primarily include the following: the desire to raise awareness of their group or political party. gain attention or sympathy; or to obtain some form of recognition.

The opposition has been struggling within itself so they had to come out with an exit plan. This included false abductions staged for social and political motives; and those staged virtually for international attention.  Each time the opposition is hitting a brick wall they create a situation which provoked the police into action—and the frequency appears to be increasing with MDC each time they are at the end of their wits. At this point, faked political kidnappings seem to be more frequently reported than actual ones.

After the alleged kidnapping of the three laddies from the MDC There was no normal victim behavior. The actions and reactions of the victims resembled a poorly organised comedy. It is well known that MDC are the masters of acting. This means that inexperienced actors, who gain theirinformation from movies and television, always give away the plot. Such reports are more easily spread by false reporting, and more likely to make false negative determinations,which cause harm to peace and tranquillity in the country. The term Political kidnapping stands for the type of kidnapping which is conducted to obtain political concessions from security forces or governments. The story that unfolded in Harare seemed tailor-made to stare and brew some ugly scenes in Zimbabwe.

After selling their stories to the international press and carrying on demonstrations which were actually meant for the foreign press not for anyone else,the good three appeared in Musana  in a village fit and alive.

The hoaxes of this sort is fascinating to find out what motivates one person to deceive another. In the case of faked abductions, often the "victim" does it for sympathy or attention; other times the story is given to cover up for illegal or embarrassing behavior.

The actions of the three MDC leaders is deeply depressing and flabbergasting.
The fact that there is United Nations  complaint by MDC without eve exhausting the local channels is telling and indeed not a coincidence. There is a calculated move by the MDC to embarrass Zimbabwe.

The kidnapping story was a key reason America issued a threat ro Zimbabwe and again the EU weighed behind the MDC who were motivated by a fake story of kidnap. At the moment, it seemed like something we should look at," EU SPOKES PERSON said in a phone interview, after repeating the story about the alleged kidnapping.
The MDC brought up the kidnapping to create a fatales sense of insecurity. This was a departure from their initial loud sounding nothing demonstrations which was done in Warren Park. This week the ZANU-PF   National Political Commissar Comrade Matemadanda criticised the alleged kidnapping of the MDC leaders over the weekend, and called for security agencies to intensify investigations into the matter and expose the lies being send around.

The MDC has been itching to get the international attention This then gave a question whether this was s coincidence or a pre planned sabotage by the third force taking the nation to the UN only to deflect the blows it has been getting in its internal war. The behavior of MDC  suggests a lot of under hand control.

Critically, the alleged kidnapping also comes ahead of the MDC Congress which Chamisa is likely going to lose his party presidency.

This has raised suspicion among neutral observers that the alleged kidnap reports are well-timed to tarnish the country's image and present the MDC as the victim.
So the abductions have become imaginations, which are mainly coming to prominence to coincide with the Congress which was ordered by the Supreme court.  Chamisa and his team can not imagine an MDC without them so they are now sworn to go down and take Zimbabwe with them.

The law enforcement agents must relentlessly pursue the malcontents involved in these vulgar deeds by the third force powering our opposition and its affiliates thereof.

The faked abduction is a desperate bid to soil the reputation of Government and the ruling party. The reasons behind this is very disturbing and unfortunate.

The profanity of all this is the fact that innocent citizens are used to propel an agenda which is not in their interest. The attention which was given to this futile effort to demonise Zimbabwe shows that Zimbabwe still attracts negative attention brewed by our own respected people.

It is a clear fact that when the three were found at their hiding place in Musana the car they used to fake their abduction was impounded by the police and now is at the police station.

The MDC now is trying to claim that the car was impounded by the police on the day of an illegal demonstration in Warren Park. The reality is the three were never arrested and the abduction never happened.

The police must follow these three and bring them before the law.

This system of attention seeking is very counter productive and destroys the good reputation of the country.  By arresting the three for making false report to the police the government has clearly observed the rule of law.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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