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Is Zimbabwe cursed?

24 May 2020 at 10:31hrs | Views
Zimbabweans are so friendly and peace loving people, Zimbabweans are known for being some of the friendliest and most welcoming hosts in the world – there is no better place to experience this than being on safari in Zimbabwe. At each lodge you will be welcomed with open arms, a big smile and greeted like old friends popping in for a visit. There may have been tough times recently, but the spirit still lives on and Zimbabweans pride themselves in showcasing what Zimbabwe has to offer each and every visitor. The close knit communities ensure that all visitors feel welcomed and safe, which instils an admiration of the 'can do' attitude and leaves, however Zanu Pf have destroyed such nature in our people through poverty and hunger. Ranked number five amongst the top ten literate countries in Africa, Zimbabwean graduates are working in neighboring South Africa as waiters/waitresses and those with power are digging roads in the construction industries.

Ranked number five in terms of diamond production in the world, but up to this day the precious mineral instead of boosting the revenue of the economy, it has boosted the pockets of few individuals amongst them the presidium, top security bosses and some powerful individuals in Zanu Pf, in contrary Botswana has managed to boost its economy via the same mineral that has been abused in Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe and DRC have vast diamond reserves of more than 20million carats each, but the two countries are amongst the poorest in the world.

Majestic Victoria Falls, is one of greatest waterfalls in the world with the thrashing waters creating a curtain almost twice the size of Niagara Falls. The Falls has earnt its place as one of the seven natural wonders of the world and since 1989 has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This natural phenomenon known as Mosi-oa-Tunya - literally 'the smoke that thunders' should be top of any Zimbabwean, or even African, bucket list. The steep gorge that the Zambezi has created is an adrenaline junkie's heaven, with plenty of thrilling activities to entertain the whole family. Despite all this reputation and the revenue that this wonder brings to Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe's economy is on its knees, begging left right and center.

Security Forces, Zimbabwe's Army is ranked one of the best in the continent but at the same time it is one of the most neglected armies by its own government, the Police Force follows the suit, but one cannot be amused as the former Commissioner General Chihuri siphoned more than 32million from the forces under the banner of collecting revenue for the country using bogus roadblocks which became famous during Mugabe era. Bread Basket of Africa, once a giant in terms of agriculture and industry in Africa, the ruling party under the leadership of both the late Mugabe and Mnangagwa turned Zimbabwe into a begging nation to the extent that the country is now importing maize meal from Zambia.

Where are we getting it all wrong to the extent that all our football stadiums had to be deemed unfit to host an international soccer match
Where are we getting it all wrong that our government is failing to take care of its own citizens
Where are we getting it all wrong that our hospitals are now grave yards
Where are we getting it all wrong that we still hope in elections that are already rigged
Where are we getting it all wrong that instead of confronting Zanu Pf we all flee to diaspora
Where are we getting it all wrong that kombis are now being banned for good
Where are we getting it all wrong that our sisters are being raped by terrorist and we remain quite
Where are we getting it all wrong that 90% of our people are not employed
Where are we getting it all wrong that we still believe in the capacity of both Zanu Pf and MDC
Everything in our country is just messed up

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