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Reckless police action almost cost girl's life

24 May 2020 at 10:19hrs | Views
Dear Editor,

On Monday 18 May 2020 I witnessed a horrific accident caused by ZRP's reckless action. The accident occurred along Zvishavane - Gweru road a few metres from Zvishavane hospital. Tragedy occurred when a young girl was looking for transport back home to Musipani A car stopped to pick her and at that very moment the police arrived in an unmarked car resulting in the pirate taxi taking off, hitting the young lady at the same time. The young lady fell head long hitting the ground with a thud and lay motionless on the ground.

What surprised most onlookers is that instead of at least one police officer disembarking and render first aid to the accident victim they all proceeded to chase the pirate taxi. As if that wasn't bad enough, the pursuing police car was being driven as if it was escorting the pirate taxi to leave the accident scene. If the police really wanted to apprehend the culprit they could have easily done so considering the initial gap between the two cars and the fact that pirate taxi was stationary the moment the police arrived. Surprisingly, the police didn't bother to come and check on the accident victim...kwakaenda tsuro ndokwakaenda imbwa. Only God knows what happened to the culprit but  obviously if the police were professional in their conduct they must have made a follow up on the victim and at least take her to the hospital which is just by the accident scene.

This action by the police was embarrassingly disgusting and showed lack of proper thinking and reasoning as it was motivated by negligence, greedy and corruption. Their negligence here refers to the fact that they ignored any injured person who was lying motionlessly on the ground. Greedy and corruption in the sense that all the policemen in the car in their wisdom or lack of decided to follow the culprit obviously so as to share the loot from bribery. The obvious assumption is that the culprit paid a huge sum to these greedy officers at the expense of the woman's life. Shame on you policemen! Your duty is to safeguard life by apprehending those found on the wrong side of the law in away that does not endanger life. The general conduct of our policemen lacks professionalism as most of them are after bribes and not maintaining peace and order. The new dispensation must weed out these rogue officers.

If the policemen had stopped the woman would have got medical attention immediately. Instead the woman was made to wait for hours due to the unfriendly covid measures being implemented by hospitals. On this bad Monday, those responsible for screening people going into Zvishavane district hospital had a 2 hour break from 0945 to 1215 hrs. All this time the young woman was waiting by the main gate with all the pain, confusion, stress and trauma. Is it now the norm for healthy workers to go for such long breaks, I wonder. If yes then these people are doing the government a disservice. No wonder, when I personally left the hospital at 1500 hours the woman had not yet been attended to. I would like to register my regrets on the conduct of Zvishavane hospital health personnel especially on Monday 18 May. Their attitude and approach to work was as if to say "go home and die". The super long breaks and snail pace by the health workers resulted in large crowds of people gathering by the main gate and within the hospital's corridors obviously a recipe for the spread of corona virus. I doubt if there is a supervisor at this hospital as patients some of them critically ill were neglected. It is this kind of attitude especially by civil servants which has brought this country down. We want civil servants who serve people period!

Concerned Citizen

Munya Shumba

Source - Munya Shumba
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