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If Ian Smith rises from the dead & contest Mnangagwa, he would win with majority

11 May 2020 at 16:31hrs | Views
Ian Smith is the devil in demand right now in Zimbabwe. If he were to wake up from the dead and contest Robert Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa or any other Shona leader in a free and fair election, he would win with a shocking majority.

Of course, his hands are not clean. He must cleanse himself of racism and white superiority. But compared to the current genocidists, rapists, corrupt thieves, tribalists, terrorists, conspirators, coup specialists, election riggers, promotors of Shona suprimacism and economic wreckers, he is an angel.

Shona majority rule which hides behind the face mask of black majority rule, has failed dismally. It can be proved with tangible evidence that Zimbabwe is one of the failed African states that fell head first soon after regaining independence. Here is the country which was not supposed to be taken from the whites. A man with a good economic management track record like Ian Smith is needed urgently to save both the country and clueless Shona supremacists from self created economic misery.

The economy is suffocating to death in the intensive care unit.  The first Shona tribal clan to rule Zimbabwe, the Zezuru whose looting slogan is "Zezuru  unconquerable!", condemned the economy to the ICU through corruption- 37 years of unfettered looting and plundering. The second Shona tribal clan to take over political power in Zimbabwe, the Karanga which goes by the looting slogan, " chinu chedu!" ,failed before it even started.

It has a lot in common with the Zezuru. They are both identifiable by the same traits ie DNA of corruption and theft, tribalism, witchcraft, insatiable appetite for money and nice life funded with proceeds of corruption. The other slogan of theirs, "its our time to eat!", confirms that they are in government only to steal whatever that remains and enrich themselves. Nothing else.

Seeing the sorry state in which Zimbabwe is right now, both young and old Zimbabweans curse the day Zimbabwe got its independence from Rhodesians.

Zimbabwe, created in the image of Rhodesia but named after ruins, is a failed state without its own currency, soaring and unpayable dept of over US$ 20 billion,  95% unemployment rate and  infrastructure  that is falling apart, with potholes that can swallow a whole car.

In its current state , Zimbabwe smells like a rotten rat. Even Shonas who claim self entitlement to it are now running away, becoming a heavy burden to neighbouring countries. Who ever imagined that Gideon Gono would leave Zimbabwe and look for a job in South Africa?

It is not surprising that while Matabele are advocating for the restoration of Matabeleland state, many Shona people who otherwise claim to be more Zimbabwean than others are openly calling for the come back of Rhodesians.

Retired Brigadier General, Agrippa Mutambara had this to say when he addressed a rally in Mutare in 2017, "The level of oppression we fought against during the white minority rule was better than what we are currently experiencing from our own government." Look who is admiring Rhodesia and denouncing Zimbabwe in one sentence!
This is not just someone speaking. It is a whole war veteran who risked own life fighting for the independence of Zimbabwe.

If war vets no longer believe in Zimbabwe that they fought for, who will? If Shona people who claim to be more Zimbabwean than others no longer believe in Zimbabwe, openly calling for the reinstatement of Rhodesia, who wants to be a Zimbabwean then?

Matabele are not Zimbabweans.  As a matter of fact we feel so embarrassed to be referred to as Zimbabweans.

Matabeleland restoration cause is justified. At this point in time we do not care how we achieve our independence from oppressive Shona supremacists.

We warn our violent oppressors who behave like Goliath, an idiot who thought of himself as invincible and embarrassed his mother and wife when he fell at the hands of young and inexperienced David.

Brutalising Matabele women in Cowdray Park  is a very cosltly joy ride for Zimbabwe Republic Police and Zimbabwe government. That is tribal motivated stupidity we need to charge the revolutionary undercurrents.

Dying in the battle field while protecting and defending our innocent sisters and mothers, children and old people, is an honorable thing.

We will shoot to kill for our Independence!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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