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A new sensational novel by Simingenkosi Nkala

10 May 2020 at 21:01hrs | Views
Dear Black is okay... is the name of Simingenkosi Nkala's (Simie) debut novel. "Many people have asked me whether the book is about racism because of its title" Simie said and went on to explain that the book has nothing to do with race or racism but the book is all about traumatic experiences which black children are subjected to due to cultural practices and customs, which are abusive but on the surface do not seem harmful or are not primarily meant to cause any harm.

Dear Black Child is a psychological thriller, it is riveting, spell-binding and an emotional rollercoaster. It provokes thought and challenges some aspects of our lives which we have taken for granted but which are detrimental to the development of our children. The book does not prescribe what people should do, however, it lays bare the trauma caused by certain cultural norms and customs.

"The book is about a cultural norm or custom of loaning one's offsprings to one's relatives which is prevalent and widely practised in Southern Africa, the reasons for doing so vary, some of those reasons are to do with strengthening family ties, for economic reasons, and when certain family members can't have children of their own or only have one gender" Simie explained.

When one is reading the book one gets the impression that the author intends to thought provoke,stir debate, encourage healing amongst other things especially for those who have suffered and to enlighten those would be parents about dangers of such cultural practices.

"We are in the process of making the book available on Amazon and, in the meantime those in the UK can get their copy directly from us" Simie said.

"So far we are delighted by the interest shown in the book and the support we have received this far, we are profoundly apologising to our supporters/readers in Africa and the world who have been patiently waiting as we are currently not able to distribute fully and worldwide due to the COVID-19 delays, as the situation improves we will make the book available there" Simie explained.

More information about the book can be found on the following platforms..                                                         
Facebook Page - Simingenkosi Nkala
Personal Facebook Page - Simie Nkala
Twitter Page - @nkosazane_7
Messenger - Same Facebook Pages.
In the UK - Mobile number 44 7500563916

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