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If its about mathematics let's meet at Chinehasha High School

30 Apr 2020 at 14:07hrs | Views
Mathematics can be very annoying, unsettling and unrelenting. Maths as a subject has caused many wrinkles to many otherwise youthful high school students.

A few resorting to bunking lessons to avoid the unnerving encounter with this scientific subject of numbers, angles and shapes.

Even the little ones do not like maths, only keen on them when sharing sweets. Not so for students of Chinehasha Secondary School where the subject has become a hit with students scoring high grades at O-Level without any mental 'tollgate' or difficulties courtesy of a top notch Maths educator.

Reminds me of an article I came across of a Zambian man who sued his former high school for making him crack his mind over 'X x Y' when it would never help him shape his future career.

Looking very ordinary like any man from the local ranks the man has the Maths subject at his finger tips. Even parents who have no flare for figures talk highly of the man imparting Maths knowledge to their brood.

Students who tumble at first sitting at other schools have sought assistance at Chinehasha High never to regret. The teacher's mind to figures precision has made him a household name.

The school has become a citadel of excellence in academic pursuance. Me too will send my child to the school 'with results', good results. Some locals and school leavers call the teacher by the moniker Pythagoras (whatever that means) with others calling him 'Maths Doctor'.

I still call him 'Sekuru Tavengwa' because of totemic links with my maternal relatives, the Moyo Chirandu clan. If its about 1+1=....., let's meet at Chinehasha High School in Chiweshe, Mash. Central.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Chiweshe.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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