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Covid-19: We all need to take seriously

28 Apr 2020 at 09:37hrs | Views
As I stood by the grocery queue which was winding endlessly, I realised that people were not maintaining the 1.5 metre distance that has been advised.  People seemed to prefer to talk loudly and display their shallow knowledge of what Covid19 is or can be.  So much of unconfirmed information was being passed back and forth, together with saliva, a possible carrier of the deadly virus.  I stood part out of the queue, and listened as people were in denial of the seriousness of this deadly Covid19.  Some were demanding that children reopen schools, some wanted to go back to work, and some were just in protest of the Presidential directive to stay at home claiming that there was no real danger out there.  

Contrary to what one writer in The Globe and Mail, who claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was amongst the nine leaders who were complacent about the effects of Covid19 and therefore relaxed to take appropriate action.  President Mnangagwa has, since the beginning of this outbreak in the Euro-Asia countries including the United States of America, been alert, following closely what other countries were doing.  He set the ball rolling in preparing facilities to contain the virus if it found itself in Zimbabwe. Hospitals were identified, decentralised and refurbished with a particular inclination to Covid19 patients.  Government in collaboration with the City Authorities and the Chinese Embassy began work in earnest to revamp the institutions.  

Furthermore, President Mnangagwa called for the identification of institutions that can be used as isolation centres for returning residents and individuals exposed to Covid19 patients.  An information Centre was opened for information to be transmitted nationwide through all 16 languages including brail and sign language. This is to enable Zimbabweans to access information and convey it with the urgency it requires, not leaving anyone behind.  Recently the President extended the Lockdown to 3 May 2020, to ensure that all cases are dealt with thoroughly, as usual unappreciative individuals thought Zimbabwe was copying South Africa. South Africa and Zimbabwe are in the same region, therefore if one country would open its borders before other countries are cleared, it opens itself to reinfection, there is no way of avoiding the ripple effects other than working together to beat this.

If weather patterns are anything to go by, then the African continent should brace up for the worst as Covid19 is yet to rear its deadly and ugly head.  A study will show that when the deadly virus was first announced in China's Wuhan city it was during their winter season, their graph spiked upward with deaths reaching their peak of 3 000+, same with Italy at 24 648, the United States now at 44 228, Spain 21 282 and other Euro-Asian countries.  Their curves began to show signs of flattening as the countries approached their summer season, with the number of deaths declining.  

Africans need to brace up, and take this disease seriously, it's here and we are fast approaching winter which provides the best incubation conditions for Covid19.  Africa's graph is yet to rise, and we are further from flattening the curve.   As nations within the region and also within the continent, we should work together with a program that will ensure there are no cross contaminations from one nation to the other.  Creation of quarantine hubs should be the number one priority for incoming residents and also those that have been in contact with Covid19 patients.  This will ensure the virus is contained.  

Meanwhile, social media has been swamped with both positive and negative comments concerning the 65 Zimbabweans from the United Kingdom who were refusing quarantine, preferring to go to their homes where they would possibly infect their loved ones with the deadly Covid19 virus.  This has shown how lightly people are taking this pandemic.  The attitude displayed by these individuals show a lack of love toward their relatives, neighbours and the country as a whole.  They should have volunteered for quarantine after witnessing the horrid way it has taken lives across the globe.  One would have to be reminded of the Holland America Line cruise ship (MS Zaandam) that was placed under quarantine until the USA was certain that it could safely evacuate those not infected for further quarantine.

It is my guess that these 65 returnees knew that they will get home and be quarantined, however, it boggles the mind how they would expect to be housed in a hotel when they know pretty well the financial standing of their country vis a vis the sanctions.  To start with they left the country in search for "greener pastures" as they called them, who did they think would remain behind to fix the country for them to waltz back in and enjoy the spoils.  This reminds me of what my Pastor taught us about people absconding their country for big economies, he said, "If your leave your country for those big economies as a lizard, don't ever think you will come back to your country as an alligator, you will remain a lizard, so stay and help build your nation into a big economy instead."

Zimbabwe has suffered a lot of brain drain, losing engineers, architects, doctors and nurses to mention but a few, all of these have exported their services to other nations illegally and have not done a single thing to develop back home.  This is why it should not surprise them when they are ushered into what they think is the worst place for quarantine, because at our pace, Belvedere is the best place we could keep them.  After all that's an institution that raised the teachers that gave them the education they brag about. So if it's good enough for the teacher its good enough for the student, no matter what PHD one holds they came from the teacher.

The wave of the Corona Virus across the globe has left a stench of death lingering as it spreads like wild fire from one country to the next country.  The fear that it has instilled in these nations has also led to self-isolation of nations across the globe, leaving each country to make do with its own people and its own healthcare institutions.  For Zimbabwe this is a door that has been opened, forcing us to look inward for survival, inward for abilities that can help us fight a victorious fight against this foe, Covid19.  The door is open let's all take the challenge join hands and arm ourselves.

A door has opened for Zimbabwe both in the country and in the diaspora, to utilise their education and skill to develop their nation instead.  Home will always be best, and home will always hold a special place in us no matter who and where we are. Let us think outside the box, let us rebuild Zimbabwe, because after this pandemic is over new foreign policies will emerge that will force people to rethink, now is the time, find your space in your own nation and help build a better Zimbabwe.

Source - Prosperity Mzila
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