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'Why I was arrested' Josphat Ngulube speaks out

26 Apr 2020 at 13:49hrs | Views
Now I am free to talk about it because I was tried and found guilty for nothing! Josphat Mzaca Ngulube didn't burn Zanu Pf cars or participated on what he was accused for!

On the day 14th of January 2019 he had gone for the burial of his grandfather Jimmy Ngulube at Athlone Cemetery and the burial order, funeral pictures and videos was produced as evidence in court.

I want to tell fellow friends and Zimbabweans at large that your leader was arrested for nothing but only to be persecuted for being a political activists and a youthful leader who is destined for uniting and leading Zimbabwe at National level. I am a National leader, not a regional leader as I have proved to you in my previous campaigns. I believe in unity and oneness for Zimbabweans. We should be brothers and sisters as citizens of this beloved nation but our leaders do not like it! They always want to label people so that they fuel tribalism and rule over a divided nation that will not see things the same way and fight for one purpose that will get rid of them.

The 5months I spent in prison was an unfair one even though I am now a very strong and mature politician, l was initially at Khami remand prison transferred to Chikurubi Maximum and finally at Harare Central Prison where I was discharged from.

The whole thing was not fair from the time we were arrested last year January, The car that picked up the suspects was a CIO white Mazda twin cab that had two black boots policeman with guns at the back of the truck, and two Zanupf supporters Geraldine Ndabambi and Tapiwa who were sitting on the back seats with tinted windows, they went around Sizinda pointing at Opposition members particularly Mdc that are very active on party activities and were turned suspects of the case of public violence and burning of two Zanupf cars. Out of 13 suspects two were said to be Zanupf G40 youths.It was Eva Bitu former Zanupf Bulawayo provincial chairlady who came out on National TV telling the nation that her two-party vehicles were burnt by G40 youths and I have never been a Zanupf member and never been G40. She said this when she was sober-minded and telling the truth just after the incident had happened and that is why Marshall Mpofu former Dj and Minehle Zanupf youths suspected to be G40 were among suspects. We were just picked up without arresting officer no investigations and there was no investigating officer on our case.

After days from 14 January the issue was hijacked but senior party members who used it for getting rid of Josphat Mzaca Ngulube a threat in the 2023 parliamentary elections. I was called and surrendered myself to Tshabalala police station and was made a suspect on the 17th of January 2019. The case was used to eliminate political threats at Bulawayo south constituency,that is why Eva Bitu and all state witnesses denied their initial police statements in court and labeled police officers who recorded them as liers. There is nothing that could have stopped Eva Bitu from lying and framing for Sizinda people, when she was staying with a state vehicle when she was just a Zanupf Boss not a government servant and she didn't deny that in court. Oh what corruption is that? When government departments are struggling to function a party member with no drivers license had just parked cars to be used as pull vehicles.

Now I beg to differ with Chief Justice Malaba who came out guns blazing last year saying judiciary is not captured when someone can be convicted with no compelling reasons and given tongue waging sentence for public violence he did not commit, Why was Bulawayo Magistrates courts were refusing with my record of proceedings for my bail application, it took them to be ordered by judicial service commission in Harare for them to release my record in just a week after my family and my lawyers tried to no avail with local authorities at Bulawayo Tredgold magistrate court.

Is it politics or corruption? What inefficiency and incompetence is that? Going to Harare was a blessing in disguise for me because I learned a lot of things, this is where I penned a letter to the Secretary Judicial service commission Madam F. MASHURE who ordered the release of my record of proceedings and it was released very fast l do not know where to say corrupt or incompetent servants. I edge all those with problems with courts to visit judicial services commission they are doing a great job and there is no one who is above the law.

Again when my bail took 5weeks to be heard when it was filed on 13th of March 2020, procedural it was supposed to be heard in 48hours because my notice of appeal was filed within stipulated time of 10 days after I was sentenced last year November 21, 2019, but it was heard after 840 hours. We cant be marginalized on justice again as a region courts in Bulawayo should function the same way as Harare Mr. Chief Justice Luke Malaba if the judges are overloaded in Bulawayo at more they are a lot of judges in waiting for recruitment and serve Nation.

Bail applications in Bulawayo are very stressing to be got especially by those who are in prison because now there is now a way of applying even when you are in prison and its called self actor, in Harare, the prisoners are respected of their rights to justice and the process is very fast, Judges should give deserving people bail its a right, not a privilege. When I applied for a review of my case last year after discharge at the close of state case i was not responded my high court Bulawayo until I was convicted and sentenced by the Magistrate Tinashe Tashaya I had queries and was violating my rights as someone who was on trial Chief Malaba you should probe the inefficiencies at Bulawayo courts, we are all Zimbabweans and we deserve same treatment whether in Bulawayo or Harare.

It is my observation that Zanupf is strategically deploying some judicial workers in Matebeleland to persecute any uprising leader in the region. I challenge the leadership of President Mnangagwa to be very careful with the unity and Gukurahundi issue that they are trying to address once and for all.

 Leaders from Matebeleland have been abused arrested, jailed and killed badly in the past from Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, Lookout Masuku, Dabengwa, Siwela, Mzila, Cain Nkala, Gunda, Ntuta, Chief Ndiweni, Zenzele Ndebele, Moyo,Gazi, Mbuso Fuzwayo to mention a few, Josphat Mzaca Ngulube is now a victim of the same thing. How do expect to deal with Matebeleland issues if you still fight them like Mugabe time? People are not happy with what you are doing!

The issue of Gukurahundi should be addressed by the current leadership at Zanupf because Mugabe is gone and if you fail to address it will haunt the next generation to come, Mr. President and your comrades you are not genuine with this Gukurahundi issue but very soon most of you God will rest you and you would have left a time bomb to your children and grandchildren. The only wrong history about Zimbabwe is the one that that you teach our kids at schools but the Gukurahundi history we were taught by our parents lives and its still painful.

We are the leaders who should listen and be engaged properly and seek a way of addressing the Gukurahundi issue amicably.Above all, you need to apologize to Matebeleland people and compansate people not this barbaric and disrespectful way tthat is rushed by abazukulu bethu oJenny engawabiza amadlozi akwethu? Angabupheka utshwala?We don't want short cuts to Gukurahundi issue.
When I went to defense of my case its when the court degenerated in a Zanupf head office and my case was more of a Zanupf hearing and the professional exchanged his books to party loyalty, The Bulawayo based minister paid for my incarceration and paid all the for civil servants to sit on my papers. My sentence was cooked to make me to be released after elections of 2023.
My case was cooked and was politically persecuted for being an activist and staying in Sizinda. The police and even the state intelligence knew it that i was never there and never committed the crime I was given. Thanks to the high court for giving me bail and am ready for actual appeal.
For the deep injury caused by Eva Bitu and other Zanupf supporters to heal I have forgiven them, Bitu you are my mother in Sizinda be truthful and love all your kids in Sizinda the same way. I accepted the apology you made to families after you went sober about the case. May God bless Bulawayo South and we stay in peace and learn to tolerate each other on political grounds!

Source - Josphat Mzaca Ngulube
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