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'We won't stay and risk catching Covid-19,' says returnee - Zanu-PF blundering

21 Apr 2020 at 20:52hrs | Views
When it comes to this Zanu-PF government carrying out its statutory duty of protecting the nation from the dreaded coronavirus, it is clear the regime has no clue. The regime claimed, indeed even boasted, it will stop the virus entering the country; we know it failed to do so.

The nation was then assured government will contain the virus and stop it spreading and treat all those infected. There is a mountain of evidence already to prove the regime is failing on both fronts. Worst of all it is failing to provide even the bear minimum in the fight against coronavirus.
"There are two toilets which are supposed to be shared among 20 people living in this hostel, but as you can see, one of the toilets is said to be out of order, leaving us with one," a UK returnee quarantined at Belvedere Teachers' College told Simba Chikanza of Zimeye.

"We are sharing the showers….but still there is no water. We do not have disinfectants to use…and the scary part is that we may contract the virus here because some of us have been quarantined in the host countries where we are coming from and were certified that we are COVID-19 free…"
We are dealing with a very contagious virus here and the conditions at Belvedere Teachers' College are so bad that it is impossible to stop the virus spread if one of them has the virus already. The returnee said there is indeed someone known to be corona virus-positive already staying at the College. He/she is case number 24 out of the 25 confirmed coronavirus cases in the country.
How is it possible that the government is failing to guarantee the supply of clean running water even for a big institution like Belvedere Teachers' College in this day and age, beggars belief. This is not the first time this government has gone to town about its preparedness to deal with corona virus-related challenges only to fall flat on its face.

Government boasted of Wilkins Hospital being ready to take coronavirus patients. "So encouraged by the preparedness" commented Nelson Chamisa following his visit of the Hospital.

And yet the late Zororo Makamba, the first patient to be admitted, was offered a bed and a bucket toilet and nothing else. There was no ventilator, no oxygen supply, no properly equipped staff and no running water.

VP Constantino Chiwenga has assured the nation rural hospitals in Mashonaland East and Central, at least, were ready to admit coronavirus patients, following his high-power tour of the two provinces. It is all nonsense!

Parerenyatwa, Harare and Mpilo Hospitals, referral hospitals, are all in such a dilapidated state with no equipment, no medicine a skeleton of poorly paid staff. These institutions cannot provide basic health care service let alone the very demanding coronavirus care. We are to believe rural hospitals too are geared to deal with coronavirus cases. Many of them do not even have clean running water!  

"Yesterday, the permanent secretary in the ministry of information Nick Mangwana tweeted that we — overseas returnees — were demanding hotels. No, this is an outright lie! We did not demand hotel accommodation," complained the UK returnee.

"To make matters worse, government authorities who came to address us regarding our concerns were arrogant."

What insufferable arrogance, indeed!

Coronavirus is wrecking economic and humanitarian havoc across the globe, the depth and extend of the damage, human suffering and deaths inflicted will vary from country to country. Those countries whose health care service and economies were strong and robust before the pandemic and/or have competent governments during the pandemic and after will fare better than those who did not.

Zimbabwe in a real economic mess with no functioning health care service, thanks to the 40 years of corrupt and tyrannical Zanu-PF dictatorship. The prospect of having the same corrupt and incompetent regime during the pandemic is simply unthinkable; as we can see, its blundering incompetence is making the bad situation even worse.

The age of rulers exercising absolute power and accountable to no mortal has long gone. If there was ever a time the people of Zimbabwe must stand up and hold this Zanu-PF regime to account, it is now.

As the country starts to carry out more tests, 1000 per day up from 40 or so last week, it will be clear the virus is spreading and fast. 1% of the population in developed countries is projected to die of coronavirus. In Zimbabwe, we must expect more to die, as much as 10%.

Mnangagwa and his Zanu-PF cronies rigged the July 2018 elections, just as they have done in the past. In the past, we have allowed the regime to stay in power; we cannot afford to have a corrupt, incompetent and blundering government in these coronavirus times!

"No matter what authorities say, we won't stay where we risk catching more viral diseases in addition to coronavirus. We will fight for our rights until we're relocated to a facility that meets basic conditions: running water, one-person room, functional ablution facilities, bedding and food," concluded the frustrated returnee.

What other choices are there for you!!!  

Mnangagwa and his illegitimate and blundering regime must step down so the nation can appoint a competent interim government and stop dragging the nation even deeper into this hell-on-earth the regime has landed us all! Zanu-PF has failed this nation and it is time for these corrupt, incompetent and vote-rigging thugs to go!

Source - Nomusa Garikai
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