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Where man's mind ends is where God begins

11 Apr 2020 at 20:59hrs | Views
Not fearing God and not seeking repentance is man's Waterloo.  Today the Heavens have spoken loud and clear, man is nothing but 'morning dew' that disappears and dries up at dawn.

Even some 'feared' world leaders have been infected and greatly affected by Coronavirus. Even the Adamic genetic code in humans has failed to keep the plague at bay, science has scientifically failed humanity. Only God has the answer.

Today there are more funerals than there are parties,  get-togethers and weddings. A billionaire businessman fell to his death after losing the whole family to COVID-19.  

The world is under siege from mystic negativity, a very sad and disturbing scenario. Some pundits think and say its human inhumanity to humans, how can man be the enemy of man. Are we no more each brother's keeper? If its truly another man plotting demise of humanity then God forbid.

But the catch, Africa and its Oliver Twist syndrome or so it seems, seem to be trailing behind statistically, maybe our skin colour coding or benefit of derived poverty. Did they not ship us away like game or livestock, to be branded and marketed at open-air 'human sales' platforms and enclosures? Let's hold hands and pray or (touch elbows).

Heaven justice or poetic justice at play. Talk of divine karma and God's wrath. Where man's mind ends is where God begins.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

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Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa.
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