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Sell-outs: are they going to be exonerated if they contributed to the Mthwakazi-begging kitty?

08 Apr 2020 at 18:01hrs | Views
There are three appeals in Mthwakazi region taking rounds: one was done by Comrade Ezra Tshisa Sibanda: he is appealing to the public to contribute to his crowdfunding, the money he is going to use to improve the conditions in a clinic in Bulawayo; the Thorngrove Clinic. This appeal comes at the height of the Coronavirus that has become a global pandemic. Ezra is saying, this country is not prepared for this pandemic. Citizens must take responsibility of their lives into their hands and help themselves; hence the Crowdfunding has been set up for that purpose.

Almost at the same time the Mthwakazi Liberation Organisation came up with appeal to fund the activities of the political organisation. It is not clear what the purpose of the funding is, what does MLO want to do with the funding if they were funded at all.

Then suddenly, last week we got an appeal from non either than Jonathan Moyo telling the people of Bulawayo to do something, prepare themselves against the prevalent pandemic of coronavirus. To his credit, Jonathan appealed to the Diasporas to sink into their purses and assist Bulawayo to deal with the global pandemic that has the potential of depleting the population of Matabeleland, Zimbabwe and the southern African region.

Knowing the government of Zimbabwe, a government that once tried to decimate the Matabeleland region, Jonathan is saying there can be some negligence on the part of the current government of Zanu PF in dealing with the pandemic in Matabeleland region: a way of indirectly reducing the Ndebele population, was once upon a time, their game-plan in the 1980s. He is saying be warned and do something for yourselves, and never depend on the government of Zanu. Zanu has no vested interests in this region whatsoever. Zanu will leave us to perish with the coronavirus. The Zanu PF's approach to coronavirus is of a government that has no idea about the dangers of this pandemic. Fulfilling the 21 days lockdown is what they can do so far to copy what other countries are doing, globally.

The peoples of Mthwakazi have a history of marginalization that dates back from 1980, how are they going to be part of Comrade Ezra Tshisa Sibanda's crowdfunding? There are no jobs, they depend on informal sustenance and to make even the situation worse there is a 21 days lockdown, this alone is silent death sentence due to starvation and absence of sanitation. There are no food securities in the region and the water shortages in Bulawayo are very common.  Some Townships go for weeks and months without running water, households are advised to flush toilets once a day. This corona pandemic advises people to wash their hands constantly to curb the disease. Let us remember the demands of WHO hygienic requirements during this pandemic. How are basic hygienic demands that are absent going to curb the disease if there is no water to wash hands and flush toilets? (This reminds me of Ian Douglas Smith who said if you give an African independence and freedom they will walk on their own sewage and will not recognize that they are trampling on sewage)

Most citizens in Mthwakazi depend on remittances from the Diaspora. It can be said with equal truth that Bulawayo has always been a ticking bomb to explode: Relatives and offspring of families left this region that has no economic future for them, they relocated to do menial occupation in other countries to sustain families in Mthwakazi. But this global pandemic has hit almost every part of the world, people have been advised and forced to stay in their homes to curb the spread of corona disease. This has put millions of people of all nations out of employment. Sending money home becomes impossible because there is no money to send home in the first place. There is no hope of an early easing of going back work to work. Most people, especially migrants will need to seek employment opportunities as the global companies have shut down and that takes time to get a new job.

Comrade Ezra Sibanda's crowdfunding makes more sense and it is worth putting all our assistance to realize his goal. It will make sense if we assist him in connecting to charity organisations here in Europe and elsewhere. He is on the ground and knows exactly what he is talking about. Crowdfunding is a global exercise that can be realized as the reasons for the funding are eloquently elaborated and convincing. It is possible to link this crowdfunding to donor-institutions that require such transparency and thorough groundwork to alleviate mass deaths. Ezra's crowdfunding saves millions of lives if it was financially realized. His appeal is selfless, realizing how this region will be marginalized should the pandemic hit Sub-Sahara Africa.

Now coming to Jonathan Moyo's appeal to organize ourselves for the evident global virus, his warning was just thrown at us especially those in the Diaspora. How we are supposed to react to his warnings is not elaborated. He has sent the warning shots and we are supposed to jump up and act: how high we really don't know. There is not even one person I know in Mthwakazi who challenged Jonathan Moyo about this appeal that is wholly incomplete. It appears as if we cannot be intelligent enough to disseminate his thought processes each time, he sends messages that appear to be sympathetic to the Mthwakazi region. I confess I cannot follow Jonathan's zig-zag political acumen without being confused in the process.

Jonathan Moyo is a complex politician and academic. He misappropriated funds from Zimdef it is said. He did get the funding from Zimdef but to his credit, he never used a cent of that "stolen money" for his personal use like all of them in Zanu PF thieving sprees. He used every dollar from Zimdef to improve his constituency. Every part of his constituency has to this day, semblance of development because of the successful mandate the people Tsholotsho North gave him. But again, on the other hand, his relationship with Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace takes away all that one could appreciate in a complex politician like Jonathan Moyo. How do you befriend Jonathan's politics, a man who openly hero-worshipped Robert Mugabe until his death? But Robert Mugabe was one of the Gukurahundi architects that massacred 20000 unarmed civilians in Matabeleland and Midlands including his own father: uBaba uMlevu, MHSRIP. It is for this reason I am not a politician; I do not know this trade very well to comprehend political events and processes related to it.

Out of the blue, Jonathan Moyo has a heart for Bulawayo residents, and he is appealing to the Diaspora community to do something about the pandemic in Bulawayo. He is saying, we have ourselves, without the Zanu PF government, to deal with the inevitable coronavirus; come wintertime. There is not one organisational structures Jonathan is referring to if there was some Diaspora response to his call to contribute for Bulawayo. Should we take it as a political statement, and it ends there? In the event of this corona hitting Bulawayo hard, and disproportionate, he is going to remind us: "I told you so and you ignored my appeal!"  This is the smartness of those who are gifted politicians, they know what to say at every turn and they remain relevant. Jonathan Moyo has always remained relevant in the Zimbabwe political landscape despite the coup d'├ętat of 2017.

Unlike some of us who have openly been threatened to death by Winnie Mandela necklace on several occasions for selling out to Zanu PF. Threats came when we loudly opposed the Mthwakazi parties for whatever reason. Mthwakazi parties are not supposed to be openly opposed by anyone especially if you are a woman. Nobody has ever dared threaten Jonathan Moyo for selling out to Zanu PF, but instead, Jonathan is hero-worshipped in Matabeleland and by the majority of Mthwakazians including Mthwakazi political parties put together. Jonathan Moyo is a man. Mthuli Ncube is a man; Simon Khaya is a man. Obert Mpofu has of late insulted Comrade Joshua Nkomo, so far, I have not seen one threat for his life.  All these men from Mthwakazi can never be threatened to death, instead they are revered and feared, but because Thokozani Khuphe is a woman, has been threatened to death: "we are watching you" they said.  
Notwithstanding, the President of Mthwakazi Liberation Organization MLO is appealing for funding almost at the same time with Comrade Ezra Sibanda. I would like to think its sheer coincidence. Six months ago, there was an appeal by the His Royal Highness's subordinates and inner circle of the Royal Kraal regarding the Royal levy that is overdue. Both the Royal Kraal and the Mthwakazi party should know better how dire the situation is like in this region. They should know better how the people suffer ever to get basics bread and butter to survive the next day. To rip them off like these numerous churches in Zimbabwe is satanic but last. As if it's not enough suffering, the people are called to donate from their hard-earned overstretched resources to these insensitive political party organisations, the last dollar must go. Why the people of Mthwakazi should donate to the Mthwakazi party; MLO is not elaborately clear: The statements says, "donate for the development of Mthwakazi" and the statement ends there. Why people of Mthwakazi should pay Royal taxes to the King is clear: this is how Kingdoms have survived. Kingdoms are looked after by subordinates of the king. It is for this reason the Kingdom of Matabeleland is contested by three kings; it is most lucrative, easy cash, business enterprise: Royal levy.  

I am not sure if this donation to Mthwakazi party: MLO extends to some of us who have been sentenced to death by being arrested, arms and legs tied together, doused with paraffin or benzine and set ablaze with one matchstick and burn to death in the presence of local citizens who will have been frog-matched to witness how sell-outs are punished in Mthwakazi future Republic. I am not sure still, if I donated, am going to be exonerated from death sentences still hanging on me today? I am daringly saying no to these two donations: The Royal levy and the donation to the MLO party. I am risking a death sentence again for contradicting them. For someone like me who has been sentenced to death already, I have nothing to lose. The Mthwakazi funding appeal is not transparent enough, is my argument.
There was once upon a time when I was a true believer of Mthwakazi political sentiments, beliefs and politics. I saw these parties as organisations that stood for Mthwakazi causes. They were eloquent then in elaborating concerns regarding the marginalization of the region of Matabeleland. If anything, what I enjoyed most in Mthwakazi parties is this radical aspect of articulating issues relating to this region of Matabeleland. I suppose it came from the fact that my background has had Marxist-Leninist outlook always. When I was in the UK, I was between Mthwakazi and Zapu the renewal party of DD in 2009. To threaten to lynch your own people because their voices oppose the general sentiments is some form of fascism and it must be abhorred by any right-thinking peoples.  

 Later, I remember clashing with some Mthwakazi members when I was warned in no uncertain terms of speaking Shona language in the public. I was banned to speak Shona to any Shona person. According to them Mthwakazi, Shona language was a language of the oppressor. I asked if I should be banned for speaking English too. English is a colonial language in as much as Shona is a language of the oppressor. I was dammed for asking such questions. You do not argue with Mthwakazi orders if you are a woman. This is the time when my relationship with Mthwakazi cracked openly. My bone of contention was how do you hate Shona language that much but embrace English language so much: it's not surprising that Zimbabweans even today regard speaking English with an accent is a sign of social advancement and intellectual ability.
However, the same organisation asked me if I could source out funding for the Mthwakazi party organisation in Germany. I was quick to answer them, Somehow, I still wanted to maintain some connection to Mthwakazi parties: I told them that there is no such funding in Germany, fund of political parties. Instead, I suggested that the best way to assist the people of Mthwakazi is to go to the rural areas and live with them, improve their lives by showing them how to improve agricultural outputs and horticulture especially along the rivers where there are available water sources throughout the year; assist in setting up durable housing projects. By so doing you gain their confidence and will be able to vote for Mthwakazi parties, come election time. Because there are several Mthwakazi parties and I do not really know which one I was communicating with. However, my advice was the last straw, I never heard from them again. There is no easy money in this world even in those European countries that are thought to be rich.

It has come to my knowledge and experience in political parties that women are given tasks that are impossible to realize. We are to prove ourselves how good we are by fulfilling those impossible tasks: then we are accepted in the fold as important partners in politics. The method to prove your worth as a woman is the same with that of a prospective wife, you need to prove that you are kind with your financial resources, only then you are a good future wife, in politics again you gain acceptance if you can outsource the party treasuries. These are the challenges of women in Zimbabwe we face no less. If one speaks loud about these shortcomings, then you are a sell-out and must be lynched Mthwakazi style of eliminating sell-outs.

I believe Comrade Ezra Sibanda must be assisted in his crowdfunding campaign. It will not be possible to get funding in Bulawayo but connect him to donor bodies. Supporting Ezra is noble, at present he is not affiliated to any political party. We have seen some of his projects and efforts that have tangible results, we say Kudos to him. Ezra is a practical activist who wants to see things done and not only spoken about. Supporting Sibanda to upgrade the Thorngrove Clinic is to support the calls made by Jonathan Moyo indirectly. Ezra may have his shortcomings that we may not obviously know but the truth is that he delivers, and the results are there for us to see. I will contact Ezra Sibanda when we have enough resources to send him for his noble project in Thorngrove Clinic.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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