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ZANU PF refuses to grant Clark Mpofu national hero status

02 Apr 2020 at 15:33hrs | Views
May Clark Mpofu's soul rest in eternal peace and may his gallant deeds be forever etched in the hearts and minds of those who care to know the truth about his sterling contribution which is a painful source of envy, jealousy and anxiety for the sick and wicked enemies of human freedoms. May his family rejoice in the comfort of knowing that there are people who value his deeds more than the system of Zanupf and that such deeds will be treasured as illustrious collective heritage to the oppressed people of Matebeleland and an unapologetic continuation of resistance to oppression of man by man.

Denying Clark Mpofu national hero status underscores the obvious, that Zimbabwe is not a nation but an ethnic fiefdom. It also speaks volumes about the current government's attitude towards those who made the ultimate sacrifice to free this country, far before zanu was conceived, from the cruel claws of colonialism. To be one of the first distinguished ZAPU Guerillas to inflict damage on white supremacy on behalf of black people regardless of tribe but after its defeat, refrain from committing treasonous crimes of economic sabotage the way Zanupf does, committing crimes against humanity in post independence Zimbabwe the way Zanu Pf's did with gukurahundi, remaining unflinchingly loyal to the ideals of the struggle fully explains Zanupf's reluctance to give him what he deserves if this was a nation. Denying Mpofu full recognition is utterly outrageous though it may be a wake up call to those who keep saying Nkomo left them in Zanu. The decision can only be Zanupf's form of punishment for his refusal to participate in acts which negate the gains of the struggle. The late Mpofu shunned the looting of the country's resources by the Zanupf political elite of independent Zimbabwe. The unrestrained plundering inevitably led to the majority of the population being reduced to paupers in their land, living wretched lives that are in permanent lockdown. COVID 19 lockdown is no different from the Zanupf instituted poverty lockdown since either way they die. He could have lied that he suffered 130% injuries during the war. He did not. Mpofu refused to give freedom to the people of this country with one hand and then take it away with the other. For instance fighting for freedom of choice and then putting a condition that as long as Zanupf wins is the biggest blatantly bizarre curses the country faces today. Refusing to force people to follow zanupf, refusing to murder innocent and unarmed civilians across the age and sex range for being different tribes in an orgy of shocking post independence violence inspired by ethnic hatred of the people of Matebeleland by Zanupf and comparable in all respects to genocides elsewhere in the world means that his understanding of the liberation ideals was impeccable. All the values Mpofu subscribed to make him ideologically incompatible with Zanupf. Whether Zanupf recognises Mpofu's achievements or not fact of the matter is he remains a towering giant within the ranks of post colonial Africa specifically Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Namibia, South Africa as a pioneer of the armed struggle who was never Zanupf in life and in death. To expect zanupf to have conferred hero status on Clark Mpofu is as misplaced as expecting a leopard to lick-off its spots.

Phathisa Nyathi and Tshinga Dube are extensively quoted in a media article that also announced Mpofu's death. In that article which is repeated ad nauseam there are sickening falsehoods that are only synonymous with the character of Zanupf. It is a lie that Mpofu's group that hit the circus in Bulawayo was commanded by Enos Chikowore and another unknown. The article does not even bother to shed light on which Enos Chikowore they are talking about since there is a former minister in Mugabe's gvt going by the same name. Failure to do so exposes the not so cunning reckless habit of stealing other peoples credentials in an effort to cleanse their own murky and chequered liberation record that includes the callous murder of comrades while in exile and after independence

Tshinga Dube says the Zanupf Politburo has spoken even if it has spoken nonsense. The Zanupf politburo decision further confirms the obvious ruthless emasculation of former ZAPU people in Zanupf who are only there to echo his master's brainless voice without a shred of shame. They simply do not have political clout but serve the utilitarian purpose to shield Zanu Pf's tribal foundations and a tribal agenda that stinks of gukurahundi. Such people are being rewarded with exemption from prosecution in a country where selective application of the law is the norm for crimes that would ordinarily get them doing time in jail.

The cliche that Mpofu abandoned the nationalist 'accommodation of colonialism' by choosing to confront them is also curiously repeated many times. As if Mpofu was acting unilaterally! He didn't send himself to China for training but was a product of the nationalist movement which had decided to shift the struggle gear to a higher level since the resistance to occupation in the 1890s in order to match gun with gun, bomb with bomb. And it paid dividends only for those dividends to be stolen by crooks.

The impression given is that the ZAPU nationalists had become sitting dodos and hence the need to act militarily outside of the ZAPU formation. This is a hoax. In the article Mpofu is isolated from his party ZAPU. This attitude is insulting to the many nationalist heroes, some who lie in unmarked graves who sacrificed their lives , many being hanged for defying colonialism. The bad treatment of ex-detainees most of whom were ZAPU and came from Matebeleland again further confirms the reactionary nature of Zanupf and its wholesale fictitious revolutionary stance that has led this country to the mess it is in today where political power is a preserve of one tribe just like it was a preserve of one race before 1980. It is this concocted hogwash narrative at the core of Zanupfs decision to betray the struggle by collaborating with the colonisers at its formation and to rig the elections in 1980 and religiously thereafter every 5 years. A closer look at the Lancaster Agreement reveals astounding similarities with the Global Political Agreement of 2008. The rush to hold elections in a war situation when the country could have been made independent, normalize life and then go to elections in peace times is identical to going to elections in 2013 without electoral reforms because allegedly the opposition feared itself. The common factor is the 'monkey's hand' in the political life of this country many people have never bothered to know.

Source - Moses Mzila Ndlovu
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