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Recall book, apologise to Majaivana

18 Mar 2020 at 11:26hrs | Views
AS a Bulawayo resident one of my favourite musicians is none other than our own city bred and raised singer, Lovemore Majaivana.

Although word has it that he no longer sings, he remains an inspiration not only to me but to hundreds of youngsters in Bulawayo who might want to try their hand at music.

As for me I still have his music catalogue; most of his CD albums, so his retiring from music hasn't really changed my love for this singer. I still listen to his music because it is timeless and talks to real issues.

While at the time of his peak, the singer would hold more live concerts in Harare than in Bulawayo, I for one wouldn't begrudge him because people this side were not supporting his shows in numbers commensurate with his national success and popularity. In Harare, he got the support which helped his national standing as an artist; it showed that his music knew no regional boundaries; knew no language barriers although he sang mainly in isiNdebele.

But for many of his fans in Bulawayo who had followed him, his Harare journeys didn't bother us as we knew that Majaivana would always remain our boy and we were even happy because he was competing with the Harare guys; we were happy for him.

His fans have always rumoured that the singer would soon be on his way back home from the United States; a rumour that has never come to fruition.

The majority of children growing up today might not even know Majaivana nor do they know his music and no one should blame them because he disappeared from the music scene too early before some of them were born.

Just like Thomas Mapfumo, most young people didn't know him until his recent return to the country for a number of concerts. Just like Majaivana, he also relocated to the United States.

But with the new education curriculum coming into effect and the arts now being taught in our schools; our children will get to learn about these illustrious singers, Majaivana included.

So it came as a shock to Zimbabweans and in particular the people of Bulawayo when we learnt that a Grade 3 textbook being studied in schools around the country claims that Majaivana is late!

What is of interest in how educators across the board did not pick up the mistake until this recent outrage which was picked up by observant citizens — even the teachers teaching the subject missed the embarrassing mistake!

While I haven't published books myself, I believe there are processes until a book is finally published. There should be proof readers; those guys who look for silly errors, there should be editors as well who will oversee the whole project.

That the publishing house went to print with such a glaring mistake is late is unforgivable. What about the writers; did they okay the book so it goes for final print?

And as a textbook, who is supposed to give the final nod that the book can be used in mainstream education; is it the ministry of Education?

So there is a whole chain of people who slept on the job and now this is a national disgrace, more so a national scandal if this was actually a government commissioned project.

What else are our children reading and being taught through material released for this new curriculum? We warned government not to rush this programme because we knew we were not ready; there were no corresponding teaching material for the new curriculum. And what we are witnessing now are hurried projects in which buddies get contracts to write educational books.

We call this distorted history!

And we the people in Bulawayo are angry because we have been insulted; how can such a lie be accepted and taught in schools, of all places? How can you ridicule our hero Majaivana in such an insensitive way; who likes death?
Government and the publishers of this book must apologise to Majaivana, his family and the generality of Zimbabweans.

The authors of this book must be ashamed of themselves; they wanted to poison our school kids!
The book has to recalled and burnt.

— Wilson is DOP president

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