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LWF Secretary call for Mnangagwa vs Chamisa dialogue - to free hostages not to legitimise pariah state

06 Mar 2020 at 10:22hrs | Views
Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Secretary General, Dr Martin Junge, add his voice to those calling for Mnangagwa and Chamisa to meet.

"He (Mnangagwa) referred to the efforts of the government of creating a platform for dialogue and expressed that he was keen to engage in dialogue to solve the country's problems," Dr Junge said, after his meeting with President Mnangagwa.

"I know from other parts of the world that when we have to remind ourselves of the need for dialogue and peace, it is because there is tension, frustration and fragmentation.

"So I was grateful to see the church in Zimbabwe also calling for dialogue because we know all over the world that the harder the issue is, the more you need to talk."

The first thing Dr Junge should have done was to understand the problem is Zimbabwe. If he had done so then he would have realised the sheer futility of the of the Zanu PF and MDC dialogue.

The root cause of Zimbabwe's economic meltdown is the failure to hold free, fair and credible elections. The country is in economic ruins and political paralysis because the nation was stuck for 40 years and counting with a corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical Zanu PF regime. The people have failed to remove party from office because the party rigged elections.

The solution is self-evident; implement the democratic reforms designed to stop the vote rigging and thus end the curse of rigged elections. Sadly, this has proven easier said than done.

Zanu PF, the country's ruling party for the last 40 years and counting, has not implemented the reforms nor will it ever do so for the simple reason that the party leaders have benefited from dictatorship. They have enjoyed absolute power and they live in palatial mansions, have vast business empires and are enjoying extravagant lifestyles. They are not going to risk all this in a free and fair elections!

Zanu PF will never ever reform itself out of office. Never ever!

The country's main opposition MDC leaders have had many golden opportunities to implement the democratic reforms and thus end the de facto Zanu PF one-party dictatorship. They have wasted each and everyone of the opportunities. They have proven to be breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent; they have failed to implement even one meaningful reform in 20 years and counting of the political stage. Not one!

Zimbabwe is a pariah state ruled by corrupt, incompetent and vote rigging Zanu PF thugs. By rigging the July 2018 elections President Mnangagwa confirmed Zimbabwe was indeed still a pariah state contrary to his post the November 2017 military coup promise to change.

The IMF, WB, AfDB and all the other international lenders have just publicly announce that they will not give Zimbabwe any financial assistance because the country's political and economic "reforms are off-track"! In short, they will not bankroll a pariah state!

As long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state there will be no meaningful economic recovery because investors and lenders alike do not want to do business with thugs. Period!

Whatever political arrangement that comes out of proposed dialogue between Zanu PF and MDC, it will be near impossible to deny it is Zanu PF dictatorship in all but name. The 2008 to 2013 GNU in which these two party were the partners failed to implement even one meaningful reform and it is naive to believe the new partnership will do any better.

If Zanu PF is allowed to stay in office till 2023, even in a power sharing arrangement; the party will see to it that no meaningful reforms are implemented and then will go on to rig the 2023 elections.

The solution to Zimbabwe's economic and political crisis not the traditional one seeking a democratic compromise between the two main political parties Zanu PF and MDC. Zimbabwe is not a democracy it is a dictatorship. The solution is a radical one, we must totally reject the dictatorship, break it up.

"The harder the issue is, the more you need to talk!" True, but you must understood that Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF cronies not only rigged the July 2018 elections but have been rigging elections for the last 40 years. They are holding the people of Zimbabwe hostage to their insatiable greed for absolute power and wealth.

The principle purpose of the dialogue with Mnangagwa is to free the hostages and not to legitimise his illegitimate regime!

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