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ZANU PF youths vs cartels: The real truth

03 Feb 2020 at 09:54hrs | Views
In February 2019 there was an attempt at a Palace coup in the ZANU PF youth league, this coup targeted Pupurai Togarepi, Lewis Matutu, Tendai Chirau and Godfrey Tsenengamu. These 4 leaders had fallen out of favour with the rest of the youth league who wanted them out of office. Fortunately they were saved by the President and the politburo.

Three months later the four horsemen were back in the news, this time they had a name and Shame exercise were they accused people of corruption in the party, business and government sectors.

We all hailed thier bravado, but were disappointed as no punitive action was taken against those who were named and shamed.


Zimbabwe has an Anti Corruption unit, a special unit in the office of the President as well as a unit in the Zimbabwe Republic Police meant to combat and prosecute corruption. The Youth League did not approach any of these entities who are empowered to legally investigate, prosecute and hurl corruption cases before the courts.

The failure by the youth league to approach these entities is a clear sign that they do not have the evidence. The legal burden of Proof, the quantum of evidence, the quality of the evidence are the responsibility of the accuser. The Youth League as the accuser had to come up with the evidence to support their claims.

The Youth League went quiet and never raised the issues at ZANU PF 's conference.


The Zanu-PF has no legal capacity to fight cartels directly. As an organ of the ruling party their capacity is in institutions such as the Competition and Tarrif Commission who are mandated by law to receive complaints from the general public, business firms, Regulators and other Government Departments, the Commission upon receipt of such complaints is obligated to investigate and ascertain whether there would be contravention of the Competition Act. The Competition Act is the act relevant in combating cartels.

Press conferences, twitter posts and Facebook posts are really irrelevant towards combating, and convicting cartel leaders and members.


The route chosen by the youth league of press conferences, media and attention tactics remind one of Acie Lumumba. Acie Lumumba went on his popular Lumumba files platform and made serious allegations against what he termed a Queen B fuel cartel. There were twists and turns on the matter, some said sakunda boss Kuda Tagwirei was Queen B while others said it was John Mangudya. A few months later Acie Lumumba announced that he too had joined the fuel sector and was in the fuel business.

This made most Zimbabweans question the real motive behind the Lumumba expose.

What is the motive of the youth league leaders? Are they really trying to help the President and the nation or is it for personal gain?

The media and press conference route will never result in a successful conviction. The guilty would be alert, and a case can never be opened on the strength of hearsay.

Did the youth league sit as an executive and agree on a course of action? Were the Provincial structures, districts and other organs consulted?

The approach by the youth league creates room for extortion and other means of manipulating people through these media pronouncements on cartels.

The tough league does seem to be operating like a rogue mafia unit with ulterior motives.

If they have evidence can they do the right thing and send it to organs that are mandated to deal with such issues. If the organs fail then the leaders of the organs would need to be relieved of their duties

Zimbabwe needs action that brings tangible results.

Nicholas Ncube
Researcher, blogger and columnist

Source - Nicholas Ncube
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