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We are still holding unto the receipts hoping for a miracle

30 Jan 2020 at 10:13hrs | Views
Lest we forget, there are some people  mostly poor people who lost large sums of money through the botched Pay-For-Your-House Scheme of the 90s, a government initiated programme that was launched by the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.

Time has failed to heal the wounds, the prejudice was too big to ignore or forget. Contributors denied themselves the luxuries of life so they could pay their monthly contributions towards the scheme. To date, for many its ground zero.

No house and no refund.

Who shall wipe away the tears?

Some members of the scheme have since kicked the bucket with no roof over their heads. Its business as usual in Parliament with not even a single Honourable Member speaking for the voiceless and homeless members of the ill-fated scheme.

We were never told why the scheme was abandoned after we had poured in some money for quite a long time. Contractors were suddenly pulled from work sites in Harare, Gweru, Norton etc.

We are still holding unto the receipts hoping for a miracle, a house or better still a refund. Can some Honourable Member break the ice and get the ball rolling to redress the gaping omission? Follow up visits, phone calls and correspondences have failed to bring up anything.

It now has become a comedy of promises as the quantum of members continue to dwindle through natural means and homelessness.

Gabarinocheka. Mash. Central.

Source - Gabarinocheka
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