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25 Jan 2020 at 14:35hrs | Views
It was not a kangaroo court issuing a kangaroo judgement on Marry Chiwenga's case yesterday the 24th of January 2020. We thank the High Court for their measured judgement that eloquently stipulated that Ms Marry Mubayiwa must be given her children back within 24 hours, she must have access to her marital home in Borrowdale Brook and stay there until the day of divorce, she must get her Orchid Property in Domboshava back. So, when we say we congratulate the right honourable Judge Christopher Dube-Banda for the wisdom and professionalism put in Marry's divorce case, we are indeed very grateful and we sing loudly Hallelujah praise the universe for the high legal case won with professionalism and eloquence unparalleled with General Chiwenga's village thinking.

Our high court did not disappoint, they even went further; they blasted the General for using the army to humiliate Marry in the presence of her children. Just alone to use the army to do dirty work for Chiwenga is nauseating enough! This kind of nonsense and stupidity happens in Zimbabwe and nowhere else in the world. Okay: Good! Chiwenga's defence lawyers have appealed the case; whatever that means! If the judgement is issued by the high court, what right does the Chiwenga's lawyers have to still make an appeal for such an obvious case. Not to pre-empt the case because we have little knowledge about the law and legal shenanigans, we give a wait and see how the appeal is going to work out on a case that, the high court of the land have just concluded.

The case of Marry Mubayiwa-Chiwenga is of great importance to our women in Zimbabwe for many reasons. It is a high-profile case whereby the whole General Chiwenga and number two civil servant in the land used his absolute military power to solve his marital problems emanating from his bedroom going out. Evidently it exposed the fact that the "GENERAL IS WEAK." He had to look for many other alternative sources in his disposal to prove that he is the boss number two civil servant in Zimbabwe and therefore "not WEAK." This is the point that make us think that Marry showed absolute courage we women need to emulate. Marry challenged the "best decorated soldier" in the land and won the case.

How many women are going to get courage and emulate from Marry's courage for the absolute bravery she displayed in her case to have a GO with the whole General? How many women in Zimbabwe demand justice today for their children rudely taken away from them by deranged husbands? What is good for the goose is also good for the gander goes the adage. This high-profile case sets eloquent precedence in the land; in future that such like cases are fought and won in courts of law. For once Zimbabwe has shone that there is law and the constitution to be adhered to by all citizens including the General Chiwenga. Marry's case exemplifies that there is justice in our courts, and it is that same justice that should be enjoyed by all women in the same situation as Marry today.
Lastly, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the legal practitioners: Advocates Beatrice Mtetwa and Nyambirayi for the good work done. Without fear of your lives you were able to execute justice in this high-profile case assisting our sister Marry from the unforgiving jaws of the army, ZACC and police. There are several cases as you may know that need such professionalism from you to assist especially highly sensitive cases where children are involved. We say Kudos to you daughter and son of the soil. Siyabonga maMtetwa: Tatenda baNyambirayi. Whatever happens after this court judgement, it will be politics playing out. There is a lot of politics in this case than meet the eye. We are watching and the world is watching this case too.

Notwithstanding, this Chiwenga-Mubayiwa case is an absolute embarrassment to all right-thinking Zimbabweans home and abroad. Not long ago we witnessed the same scenario; a number three top civil servant threatening to shoot his wife shot range: and that was Vice President Kembo Mohadi.

I rest my case!!!!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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