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Nehanda's bones still displayed in a british museum

23 Jan 2020 at 22:12hrs | Views
Those who are christians do understand the importance of repatriating bones of the loved ones. Moses took the bones of Joseph with him because Joseph had made the sons of Israel swear an oath. He had said, "God will surely come to your aid, and then you must carry my bones up with you from this place." Exodus 13:15 .

But who is Mbuya Nehanda?
Nehanda Charwe Nyakasikana also known as Mbuya Nehanda (c. 1840–1898) was a svikiro, or spirit medium of the Zezuru Shona people. She was a medium of Nehanda, a female Shona mhondoro.(powerful and respected ancestral spirit)As one of the spiritual leaders of the Shona, she was one of the leaders of a revolt, the Chimurenga, against the British South Africa Company's colonisation of Zimbabwe led by Cecil John Rhodes in 1889 Nehanda was Muhera Shava of the Hwata Mufakose Dynasty. Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi were eventually captured and executed by the British.She has been commemorated by Zimbabweans through the building of statues in her name, street names, hospitals, songs, novels, and poems.The legacy of the medium continued to be linked to the theme of resistance, particularly the guerrilla war that began in 1972. Her name became of increasing importance to the nationalist movements in Zimbabwe.  After Mbuya Nehanda was murdered by the settlers she was skinned like an animal her bones together with the bones of those who fought on her side were packed in a sack and transported to the UK as trophies. From that date her bones are displayed in the London Museum of human parts. The bones of the sovereign Zimbabwe's national heroine the first Zimbabwean woman to be charged and convicted of treason are still displayed in a Museum in Britain.

Mbuya Nehanda said mapfupa angu achamuka which generation must take these remains back to Zimbabwe if it is not this one?.
Mbuya Nehanda was the first woman to be charged with treason. She was the first woman to be hanged for political reasons. Mbuya Nehanda cried out and said my bones will rise again. This statement was the charge given to the freedom fighters hundred years later. During the second Chimurenga war Mbuya Nehanda was the guiding spirit and every group of the fighters will sing songs of praising Nehanda. There was a song which became a pushing song" Tinofa tichienda ku Zimbabwe kudzamara tinosvika kuna Zambezi kudzamara tinosvika ku Zimbabwe. Nehanda komborera vari muZimbabwe neHanda komborera varimumapako Nehanda komborera varimuma pako."

Translated as we will die as we march on to Zimbabwe. Untill we get there. Nehanda bles those in Zimbabwe Nehanda bless those in the mountains and those in the caves." Nehanda had dreamt of her bones repatriated back to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has failed to take these bones back home but this was the reason her bones rose and one would believe that her bones can never experience rest until they are laid to rest. Nehanda's bones displayed in a museum and those who benefitted from her sacrifice dine and wine in the corridors of power. Her risen bones hated her so much and abandoning her into bondage, displayed in a museum as a sign of defeat. Humiliated embarrassed and the whole country stripped naked displayed in a museum of the people who killed her.

Shame on Zimbabweans. We need another lesson in our history but the Ambassador must be the first to be educated in this area. The silence those in power exhibit is too loud. We must never wonder why Zimbabwe is slipping down the economy ladder. We have lost our pride we have lost our humanity. We do not feel like we have a part of Nehanda on us. Again shame on us.

Repatriating the remains of Nehanda Kaguvi,Mhofu Chiwashira,Nyathi Chingaira and many others will be restoring our pride. Now we can not call our selves Zimbabweans. We must bury our heads in the sand with shame. I have no good words for the ministry of foreign affairs who are in charge of Embassies. Surely how can ministers trip each other to address seminars in the UK but fail to lift a finger for Nehanda Nyakasina. The late Vice President Muzenda recited a very touching poem on Nehanda. Where are those patriots who shed blood for the nation. Is it a coincidence that even the tree Nehanda was hanged on was chopped down by our own people after surviving the colonialists.

The colonialists have kept the skulls of Nehanda as a sign of their supremacy. Those who are in power today because of Nehanda are silent. Who will hear the soft plea of Nehanda Charwe Nyakasikana. She is crying please take my skull home. How can you dream of prosperity when you lack the audacity to repatriate your heroes remains. Are you with the people?.

Those who think that it is demonic to repatriate Nehanda please think again. Israel is the most blessed country on earth. They remembered where they came from. Why Zimbabwe why?.

In spite of years of prison and dashed hopes in her own dreams, in faith she interpreted the visions, and her accurate interpretation was why zimbabwe is free. At the end of her life, she had one last "dream" – that God would bring her whole family out of Bondage and into the land he ultimately promised, and God fulfilled that one too. So Nehanda became a symbol of freedom she became a symbol of fighting courage and determination.

In a sense, Nehanda was taken into bondage in her death that was the very beginning of the captivity of the children of Zimbabwe because for the next hundred years, one of their family was not free to be buried in the land God gave them. Joseph was allowed to bury his father,when God did come to rescue Israel and they took even Joseph's bones, it showed that not one person who lived during Nehandas time is still there today but her bones must be taken home regardless.

Zimbabwe must stand up to be counted. We cannot allow our heroes to be displayed in a museum somewhere. Where is our pride. Uk
Source - Dr Maisimba Mavaza
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