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Chamisa risks arrest for attempting to cause unrest

21 Jan 2020 at 14:23hrs | Views
Dr Masimba Mavaza
The MSC A President Mr Nelson Chamisa and his two senior members Lynette Karenyi Kore and Job Trouble Sikhala face arrests and serious reprimand for misinforming the masses. They have graduated in sensationalising the masses. The MDC A have not learnt anything about the evils of telling lies in order to make a political statement. MDC A has built its party on lies and misinformation. This they have done to boost their profile. Their misinformation has unfortunately caused unnecessary anxiety pain and suffering. Zimbabwe must change the election campaign law to prohibit knowingly false political statements by campaigners, and suggests that involving voters, via a citizens' assembly, could be one way to ensure the quality of political information improves in any referendum.

Misleading and inaccurate information during political campaigns is widespread. It reduces the quality of public debate and manipulates voters. This undermines the legitimacy of results and contributes to the social divisiveness of voting. new electoral law and greater citizen participation are needed to change this.

The issue of the Mashurugwi has driven the MDC A to make large numbers of misleading claims that polluted public debate. The assertion that Mashurugwi are targeting the opposition leaders is ‘demonstrably false. It is not understood why would the MDC A try to donate the Mashurugwi to ZANU PF. The focus in our electoral law is on ‘vote rather than voice' on the fairness of the vote process, rather than on having a fair, accurate campaign. This focus has made the MDC A masters of lies and cry babies. It is wrong and disgusting that the people who are being killed are MDC supporters or relatives if the senior MDC members.

Job Sikhalas relative who was killed in Mashonaland central and burried in Masvingo was a gold panner. Seriously who would know that a panner in Mash Central was Job's relative. This is very low even by MDC A's standard. The idea of the MDC is to taint the mining industry. Very soon you will hear them talking to America to reject Zimbabwe's gold calling it blood gold.

This is a party which makes it their business to destabilise peace and prosperity in Zimbabwe. Now the MDC are after our gold. To taint it with the blood and not the sweat it deserves. MDC and it's allies successfully managed to taint our diamonds and the diamonds from .ZIMBABWE can not see it through to the market. They are branded blood diamonds thanks to the MDC A.

A party which persistently aim at the economy of the country must not be allowed to prosper in a democratic space provided by Zimbabwe.

 We are all aware that the Mashurugwi menace is indeed a criminal activity sponsored by known powerful people. Mashurugwi are a Mafia gone wrong. Surely to try and say these criminals are being sent by the ruling party to target the MDC is laughable.

Job Sikhala's addiction to violence and attention seeking is well known. If everything seems normal he stands up like an idiot and utter very subversive statement. It is not suprising that Sikhala is an attention seeking political prostitute. It is not surprising that Sikhala can accuse ZANU PF for the fraught Making false statements about the Mashurugwi makes the whole effort by the police to contain them a farce. This needs to change.

The false statements about the Mashurugwi targeting MDCA Family membership is about political issues, rather than personal character or conduct. The law needs to regulate the accuracy of political statements in order to have a political platform which is fair.

the law is essential to increase trust in the democratic process, to have well-informed voters, and to hold politicians to account more effectively. In turn, this should lead to a greater number of ‘happy losers' in elections and referendums, and reduce the type of political and social divisiveness Zimbabwe has had all along.

Criteria is needed that make it clear when a false/misleading statement is just part of robust political campaigning, and when it is so misleading and/or inaccurate that it should be banned. The threshold for banning misleading statements needs to be low enough to have an impact on the quality of information during campaigns, but not so low as to reduce freedom of expression during political campaigns, or drag the courts excessively in to politically subjective decision making.

Politicians in the MDC use lies regularly and deliberately throughout their political life For these reasons, there must be a law to prohibit this type of false statement.

It is less clear-cut for the claim that ‘we can expect to see an additional thugs now called the vanguard working on the pretext that they are protecting their leaders. This is a misleading, well-remembered claim that is likely to have distorted public debate and influenced people's mind on these criminal gangs. MDC A. Must not issue statements based on an inaccurate presentation of the legal and political reality at the time. ,So these unsupported claims is harder to justify because this is not a verifiably false fact. It is a wish albeit of something that is extremely unlikely to happen. The government will not use thugs in any way.

The law must prohibit statements if they are likely to deceive the nation. If election campaign law followed this broader approach, the ‘Invasion of MDC claim may be banned. This approach would have a greater impact on the quality of debate, but could excessively draw the courts in to politically subjective issues. Establishing clear criteria is difficult and many complex questions need addressing, but a law must be put to stop these lying people.

It was not only Job who lied Chamisa in his SONA attacked the government for not coming out in full force against the Mashurugwi. This is again another glaring lie calculated to tap into the people's frustration.

The MDC is easily predictable they are taking the Mashurugwi issue and donate these thugs to the government. Chamisa in his so called SONA lamented the lack of government's zeal to thwart the Mashurugwi.

Chamisa clearly forgets that more than Two thousand Mashurugwis have been arrested. Tones of machetes recovered. The Chief Justice set aside a special court to deal with the Mashurugwi or Kwekwe Al shava an as it is known. Chamisa has already forgotten that there is a joint operation of both the army and police against the Mashurugwi. Yes the Mashurugwi are a creation of the criminal elements. Some of them are in the top government offices. The law is not that short it will catch up with them and that shows we are working as a party towards peace.

Cde Matemadanda in his press conference few days ago castigated the Mashurugwi and promised that there will be no stones unturned in a war against Mashurugwi. If Chamisa does not respect Our Minister of Defence then he might remain in his legitimacy wilderness.

It is very clear that the way MDC is going about the Mashurugwi they are planning to thwart Zimbabwes benefit in Gold mining. Chamisa is always itching for a showdown but ZANU PF is so peaceful and will not be drawn into an unnecessary conflict.

It has emerged that the MDC VICE President Lynette Karenyi Kore and MDC vice chairman Job Sikhala have made unsubstantiated claims that they lost relatives to the Mashurugwi. Kores uncle who she never knew was said to have been stabbed in Chimanimani after he refused to pay for the Diamonds he had taken. Surely this killing can not be attributed to Mashurugwi and more so to ZANU PF.

MDC A is forgetting that the ZANU PF youth league has come out strongly against the Mashurugwi. All what Chamisa is say oh my God is that ED was supposed to have issued a statement. They are forgetting that all the senior officers who are now overseeing the implementations of the operation Mashurugwi are doing so at the pleasure of the president.

Someone must remind Chamisa that ED is on leave at the moment. So aligning the criminal murdering of these people relatives is a total insult and shows how desperate the MDC IS. it should be known that the government has responded to the Matchete menace by arresting over one thousand people. The courts have sentenced a large number to two years imprisonment and above.

It will be in the best interest of Zimbabwe to enact a law which punishes the persons who lie for a political reason. This will help us as a country.


Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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