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Making a big fuss over a jest is just pathetic

14 Jan 2020 at 10:03hrs | Views
The hullabaloo over a mere jest that President Emmerson Mnangagwa made during a clean-up campaign in Kuwadzana High density suburb, Harare, just goes to show how low the opposition lot has stooped.

Opposition cyber brigades worked strenuously in their agenda to portray the President as someone who is removed from reality. The agenda was also to depict the President as one who is not kind-hearted, one who is not sympathetic to the citizenry.

However, the propaganda did not yield the wished-for results as people managed to see through the agenda hidden in the jest storm. Zimbabweans are an enlightened lot who have gone past the stage of swallowing hook, line and sinker, every spin from some opposition Goebbels. Despite the energy invested in the propaganda, Zimbabweans refused to believe that a square is in fact a circle.

As a vegetarian, yours truly saw sense in the President's recommendation for a vegetarian diet. It is actually not his idea but God's plan that we should feed on vegetables and fruits. There are multiple health benefits from a vegetarian diet. Studies done so far have all established that vegetarians are more intelligent than carnivores (meat-eaters). A study by Southampton University scientists showed that individuals who were vegetarian by the age of 30 recorded an average of five IQ points higher than meat-eaters.

Even Biblically, the fact holds true. Daniel was found to be ten times smarter than those around him- the magicians and astrologers. After their request to eat just vegetables was granted, the authority was surprised at their good personal appearance, physical and mental health, compared to those who were eating meat.

Thus, President Mnangagwa had God's inspiration and wisdom when he said those remarks. He was preaching God's word. His voice was God's voice and disparaging it would be advancing the agenda of God's arch-rival.

Therefore, there is nothing amiss for the President to urge citizens to pursue a healthier lifestyle. What he did is actually a sign of unconditional love for the governed citizens. It would have been an issue if he had made a decree that outlaws meat eating. For people to make an issue out of the President's recommendations for people to cut meat from their diet is quite recalcitrant. Only the fall guy can resist a prescription that makes him wise.

It was unfortunate that even the MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, also attempted to politically profit from the puerile hoopla. During his address at the Progressive Teachers' Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) congress, Chamisa took a dig at the President. He calculatingly took the President's remarks out of context, of course to fortify his political expediency.

It was, however, a case of the pot calling the kettle black. With regards to speeches that are in poor taste and inconsiderate remarks, Chamisa outperforms every human being ever to exist. He is therefore, not fit to take the moral high ground on this matter.

It is too early for dear readers to forget the day that the unbalanced opposition leader bellowed out at his supporters, calling them stupid, for embarking in a demonstration that resulted in loss of life and property. Political inclinations aside, one does not need to be clever to pick the worse remark between Chamisa's and that of the President.

No statement is more devilish than lying to a hungry people that the US has promised you US$15 billion, only to be exposed by an international media house in the glare of the whole world. All these were supposed to have generated unprecedented hubbub. They did not for two reasons. The opposition followers could not discomfit their leader. They deliberately ignored. Ordinarily, Zanu PF supporters were supposed to have gone to town with those public slip-ups. They did not because they are a focussed lot who could not expend energy and time on trifling issues.

Expending energy and time on trivial matters is for the also-rans and no-hopers that have nothing to do. The MDC is living a purposeless life. All they know is fault-finding without proffering alternative solutions and policies as is expected of a responsible opposition party.

Advising citizens to pursue a vegetarian is not a matter that deserves a barbaric response as we witnessed. After all, there were great leaders who were vegans.

Source - Tafara Shumba
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