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Matemadanda came out of the Zanu-PF conference a mature cadre

12 Jan 2020 at 07:56hrs | Views
In the political party a political commissar or political officer is a supervisory officer responsible for the political education (ideology) and organization of the party, they are assigned to, and intended to ensure people's control of their party.

People's control of the party is a doctrine in a party that places ultimate responsibility for a party's strategic decision-making in the hands of the people rather than the few at the top. This is overseen through the implementations of the resolutions of the conference. This was Victor Matemadanda's first conference as  tete ve musangano. Comrade Matemadanda confirmed that the people's control ideal  is "the proper subordination of a competent, top leadership to the ends of policy as determined by people authority. Matemadanda vows to resuscitate the ZANU PF slogan that "ZANU VANHU, VANHU I ZANU"
People's control is often seen as a prerequisite feature of a stable liberal democracy.

Our principle is that the people command the party and the Party commands the government. The civil servants regardless of their party must be commanded by the ruling party. So when Matemadanda challenged the civilians he is in his right place and in the position of the party.  Matemadanda vowed to make his department function and its wings must reign in the civil servants and make the government function.  

Matemadanda is powered by his zeal to work and see a greater change  to this end the whole commissariat department is on its feet on the ground running.

The 18th Zanu-PF Annual National People's Conference in Goromonzi closed after a week of intensive and fruitful deliberations. It could not have been possible without people so Matemadanda as the political Commissair understands people because he came from the people and munhu we vanhu. He understands what people wants.

The commissariat is changing the face of ZANU PF and you make it a party of the people driven by the people.

Therefore, it is critical for all the relevant authorities to stay fully engaged and support policies and resolutions conference has come up with.

Cyclone Matemadanda is clearing and cleaning from party structures and spreading the wings to the civil servants because the party is above the government.

With the party being in charge of government It was encouraging to hear that many departments and organisations already have made commitments to streamline imports and prioritise local production. They have committed to sweep out lazy civil servants and those who work against the government.
With Comrade Matemadanda as tete ve Musangano the time of lazy civil servants is over.

But this is only going to happen if Government, especially its relevant departments, stays on that path. The conference endorsed as a resolution that The Party is above government. The party controls directs and is above government. Government ministers at selected from a pool of competent elected representatives. In that spirit the party forms the government of the day So the government being a creation of the party must not lead the party. The party must take the leading role. in order to serve the electorate the government must deliver so the party must supervise the government. the government must therefore serve the party over and above all.  

Being that as it may it becomes easier for the party resolutions to be implemented by the government to the best interest of the people.

Minister Mthuli announced the end of the austerity measures.  This is a welcome position and any project which is brought up will be funded.

Zimbabwe is expected to have an economic boom as austerity measures are now yielding fruits.
We need to intensify our efforts in these and other areas, and implement conference resolutions in order to attain such ambitious objectives.

It is also very clear that implementation of conference resolutions is closely linked to economic processes, and so is good governance at all levels, which facilitates implementation of economic policy.
 It is therefore clear that a political situation must be reached in-order to achieve the best economic performance.
During the session issues related to good governance were highlighted not only in the dedicated session, but are also relevant in all other priority areas for action. More so that the party is above government.
Sharing experiences and lessons learned was mentioned throughout the week of the conference.
This is a crucial part of meaningful implementation, follow-up and monitoring of the economy, and should be done more intensively at all levels by the party.

Comrade Matemadanda declared corruption as an enemy of the state.  There is a big task thrown on his shoulders he will have to be a bull and pull through.

With a view to ensuring full engagement of all stakeholders, Zanu-PF discussed a comprehensive roadmap for implementation, follow-up and monitoring of the action programme regarding corruption and cash shortages. Mainstreaming the economy to suit national development strategies is one of the most urgent tasks at hand. The party needs full support in this respect.

Building on the country experiences, the implementation and follow-up component needs to be strengthened, involving all relevant structures.

Establishment of a working group on the indicators to monitor the implementation of the objectives, goals and targets of the party is also necessary.

Cde Matemadanda is tasked with a mandate to recruit more cadres and more voting cadres.
The restructuring of the party now  underway is meant to take stock of the party and while making it friendly and easy to join the people's party ZANU PF. Cde Matemadanda is open to ideas and he is an open minded man who will use all Morden skills to recruit and enhance the revolutionary party.

Specific follow-up measures, which include the commissariat department working with the youth to set the ZANU PF lamp ablaze.  

In addition, the party also needs to keep the momentum of engaging all stakeholder groups and during the conference the groups which were anti ZANU PF came to support ZANU PF and gave
Solidarity speeches.

It is important that conference resolutions be implemented so that we achieve that much-needed economic turnaround.

Conference should not be a mere event but a proper barometer of our work.
The survival of the party must justify the calling of a next conference.
After the conference, something must be seen to be happening.
A complete turn and good fortune must be witnessed.

A conference must yield fruits and must be a focal point of progress.
The way forward should be to walk the talk and reach the destination. Matemadanda is the man who can walk the talk and reach the end.

Matemadanda is a calculating politician who is humble and down to earth. He reaches to every person regardless of his social background.

There is a unity of purpose within the party Matemadanda and his department are cultivating the unity and strength.

Since the party is above the government the conference becomes supreme to the government and the conference is set to be the supervisory meeting scrutinising the workings of the government.
The ingenious of Matemadanda is seen in the way the party won all the bye elections in local government  and parliament.

Within a short period War Veterans have for the first time felt wanted and guardians of the party.  
The man who has been tasked by the president to oversee the well-being of the party Victor Matemadanda.
Now the MDC and all opposition parties far below in ratings tremble and hide as the mighty ZANU PF thunders across the skies of politics.

In the few bye elections in Matemadanda's time there was never a complaint of violence.  A very soft but serious crushing giant Matemadanda will steer the party ahead to 2023.  ED will walk in the political park levelled and shovelled by the commissariat department under the capable leadership of Victor Matemadanda.  The president comrade ED Mnangagwa will never regret the trust he bestowed in Matemadanda. Surely the president in his wisdom made a wise choice in Matemadanda and the fruits are getting ripe.
2023 ED will be there

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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