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'No one will ever die of hunger and will ask for help, if need be' said Mohadi - liar, many have died and WFP is feeding 8 m

11 Jan 2020 at 20:07hrs | Views
It is not the first time that we are having a drought in Zimbabwe and we have always said in government that nobody will die of hunger and still no one is going to die of hunger in Zimbabwe," said VP Mohadi after receiving newly appointed UN residence coordinator Maria Ribeiro.

"We are going to marshal all the resources that we have towards the provision of food for our people and if need be, then we will call other people like the World Food Programme (WFP) to assist us but definitely we are on top of the situation," said Mohadi.

This is the arrogant defiance of a regime that knows it is not accountable to anyone. The WFP people are already in the country and have been feeding millions of Zimbabweans for a long time.

A few weeks ago the WFP was appealing for US$200 million to source food for 8 million Zimbabweans are otherwise facing starvation.

Of course, many Zimbabweans have died of starvation in the past and many more will died.

The WB reported that 90% of Zimbabweans are poor and 34% of them live in extreme poverty. It is common knowledge that many poor families have one meal a day comprising of maize meal porridge and vegetables. It is no surprise that many Zimbabweans are malnourished and many children have died of marasmus (a lack of protein and calories) and kwashiorkor (a lack of just protein).

Zimbabwe has very few reported cases of marasmus, kwashiorkor or other malnutrition related deaths not because there are none; every health worker, especially the foreign ones, know they will be in deep trouble if they reported the truth. Like so many other tyrannical regime, Zimbabwe has perfected the art of denying the truth even when it is staring them in the face!

"We are going to marshal all the resources to food for our people and if need be, then we will call other people like the World Food Programme (WFP)!" The WFP is already in the country and is feeding 8 millions, half the country's population, and Zanu PF wants to claim the credit for it. How typical!

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