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Who is Matemadanda to dare the Americans

10 Jan 2020 at 21:24hrs | Views
Following the news that cde Matemadanda has issued a stern warning to America, many people held their mouths with two hands. Today we want to see who cde Matemadanda is. Comrade Victor Matemadanda is the political commissar of ZANU PF He is a Zimbabwean liberation War veteran and politician he is the Member of Parliament of Gokwe central where he contested in 2018 and he won with a very great margin. Victor Matemadanda is the current Deputy Minister of Defence in charge of the war Veterans and He is also the current Zanu PF National Political Commissar. He replaced cde Rugeje who was a great man. To justify his appointment Matemadanda worked hard to show that he is a man who gets results. He bagged all the bye elections even those in town a feat failed by his predecessors. Comrade Matemadanda is also the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA). As a member of Zanu-PF he is part of the Central Committee. Comrade Matemadanda is known as baba Terrence by those close to him. Baba Terrence put aside his defeat in 2013 and won the 2018 elections.

Cde Matemadanda was very vocal during the dark days of ZANU PF. As Secretary-General of ZNLWVA, Matemadanda Expressed sentiments about Grace Mugabe two years in February 2016 after a faction led by Mandi Chimene who is now in self imposed exile supported by comrade Nyaruwata attempted to expel him from ZNLWVA with a vote of no confidence.

As the Zanu-PF succession fights between Grace Mugabe's G40 and Emmerson Mnangagwa's Lacoste Faction escalated in 2016, Matemadanda was reported to be part of the Lacoste Faction. (2015 - 2016)

On 12 February 2016, addressing a Press conference, war veterans led by ZNLWVA secretary for information and Publicity reportedley indicated that they had resolved to dismiss Victor Matemadanda as Secretary General of the organisation. A vote of no confidence was however passed for Matemadanda, Christopher Mutsvangwa, Monica Mutsvangwa and Headman Moyo. On 15 February 2016 however, Matemadanda, Mutsvangwa and others members of ZNLWVA (provincial chairpersons and national executive members from Zimbabwe's 10 provinces) convened for an emergency meeting. This meeting was held in Harare and they declared the Vote of No Confidence to be null and void .It was reported that according to them, the provisions of the ZNLWVA constitution had not been followed for them to be dismissed. The meeting was addressed by Matemadanda. The meeting adopted a special resolution to convene an emergency general meeting of freedom fighters to look into developments in the association, the party and the nation.

On 28 July 2016 there was an attempt ton-arrested Matemadanda at his Gokwe home Law and Order section. This was at the instruction of Chihuri and at the insistence of cde SK Moyo and Mandi Chimene. Fortunately on this day Matemadanda was not home. His crime was to be involved in the authoring of a communique that denounced Robert Mugabe and labelled him a dictator. The brave and daring Matemadanda did not go into hiding. To everyone's surprise he attended a court hearing at Rotten Row where he was however arrested during Douglas Mahiya's bail hearing on August 1, 2016. Police arrested him when he attended Mahiya's bail hearing at Harare Magistrates Court in Rotten Row.

Writing about a national hero like Matemadanda is never an easy task. From the start I had envisaged this tribute as not just the achievements of an outstanding individual but as branching out to take into account general forces and trends which affected or were affected by Matemadanda. A self-made person and always the principled war veteran his career spanned over fifty years in which he was in trenches of every sort.

in consistently stressing on following the original national ideology as envisaged and propagated by our heroes Matemadanda sacrificed his own life and was ridiculed and tortured by some who are in his trench today.

He was mindful of the fact that unless a constant pressure is maintained on successive national leaderships they would tend to sway from Party ideals and from the very purpose for which he had taken arms. To cover for this he steered the War veterans to become the vanguards of the nation in order to institutionalize the cause and remained very committed to them right up to his last days.

Hailing from a humble background he worked his way to be an established politician and a celebrated Commissair. Those who interacted with him have invariably found him to be upright and professional in his approach to politics. He sometimes loses his head in the waters but very quick to find it. This just goes on to show his open mindedness in respecting opposing view points and more importantly his keenness to run our party objectively. No wonder, that after assuming his duties as the political commissar he built a party which is formidable and united. A stickler for his job and profession, he refused distracting comments from the detractors and his internal enemies because without any doubt his heart lay in the success of the party always being convinced that he can best serve the people of his country by primarily focusing and excelling in his own field. His meritorious services for the party, are seen in the results coming from the reorganisation of the party.

Ever a democrat, Matemadanda continuously strived to put the democratic forces in office. He actively supported the new dispensation albeit untill such time that he was genuinely convinced that ED was indeed working in accordance with the will of the masses and not otherwise; he courageously stood by the party ethos in his quest to block the dictatorship of Madam Grace. Nothing could stop him from advocating ZANU's cause and in ensuring the sustainability of the country which had been won after a great deal of effort and much sacrifice on part of the masses.

Some comrades at the conference in Goromonzi do recall a discussion with him at a small gathering where there was an opportunity to interact with him on a comparatively more personal and direct atmosphere, concerning the true spirit of nationalism as described by Karl Marx. Marx was of the opinion that nationalism does not determine a nation, but a nation determines nationalism. At the foundation of Marxism as we know was the idea that individual, subjective consciousness was derivate of one's objective, socioeconomic position. Matemadanda opposed this idea drawing instead upon a philosophical tradition called phenomenology that takes human consciousness as the starting point and thereby adamant that individual responsibility existed before, and transcended socio economic conditions. Meaning, the nations cannot be formed unless the citizens' spirit of nationalism precedes the formation endeavor itself. How correct he is! With this man as our PC we see a life which must give this country institutions to be proud of, a sense of ethics, patriotism and a deep sense of objective thinking.

The Commissariat department is gaining in Matemadanda. The twits going round that Matemadanda is not knowing what he is doing will be soon faced with the force of change Matemadanda is bringing. It is therefore unimaginable that Victor Matemadanda could provoke another sovereign bully like America without going through the normal procedures. News running rounds is from the enemies trying to put the name of Matemadanda in disrepute.

Source - Masimba Mavaza
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